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Concern in universities.

Frédérique Vidal announced in a press release on Sunday that "more than a dozen clusters" had been identified in higher education establishments since the resumption.

The first alerts that push the Minister of Higher Education and Research to call for “a collective effort” against Covid-19, knowing that all the universities and schools have not yet returned.

Blame it on the students?

The minister confirms in her press release that the latest data related to the multiplication of contamination is due to private gatherings such as student parties or privatization of bars.

The relaxation of barrier gestures is also noted.

You are a student, how do you live it?

Is the wearing of a mask respected?

Has your establishment told you all the health instructions to follow?

Do you have face-to-face and distance lessons?

Are you aware of organized student parties?

Is an integration weekend in preparation?

If so, do you plan to participate?

Are the rules followed by the students, but also by the educational staff?

Tell us !


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