Kahina Oussedik-Ferhi, doctor in food biochemistry, publishes a book on "The magic of digestion".

Guest on Europe 1, she explained how a better knowledge of the digestive system can help to lose weight.

If you are having trouble losing weight or have a frequent stomach ache, you might want to take a digestive system class.

Kahina Oussedik-Ferhi, PhD in molecular and food biochemistry, has published a book called

The Magic of Digestion

 (with Dr Karim Ferhi, at Interéditions).

Invited Monday in the show "Without appointment" on Europe 1, she explained how a better knowledge of the digestive system can help to lose weight.

His method is based in particular on the consumption of raw products, the reduction of sugar or a better combination of foods.

“Digesting better was the basic goal, but you realize that when people combine better, they're not going to create fat. As long as you don't create more storage and are used to eating raw foods, by doing physical activity, we will lose weight. So we will find better digestion and less pounds, "she sums up.

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Consume raw foods and cut down on processed ones

This is no surprise: if you want to lose weight, choose raw foods and try to ban as much as possible those modified in the factory.

"The 'food aliens' are all these processed foods. Puffed rice cakes do not exist in our fields, neither does white flour. What we have forgotten is to consume raw food. we eat bread, let's try to eat it whole. If we eat rice, let's try to eat black rice, red rice, brown rice. Let's try to come back to raw foods ", asks Kahina Oussedik-Ferhi, who explains that" our digestive tract has not evolved since Cro-Magnon man ".

"The spread is made with processed sugar that is not recognized by our digestive tract, so 2 to 3 hours later you are very hungry. When you eat processed sugar, you create some cravings. hours later, "she cites as an example.

"Our stomach is not 2.0. If you give him wholegrain pasta he will eat it, but if you give him white pasta he is not going to know if it's slow sugar or fast sugar and so he will. store them. "


What is the ideal diet, according to ANSES recommendations?

Eat what you want ... as long as you combine foods well

The basis of the method recommended by Dr. Oussedik-Ferhi is based on the combination of foods.

And she immediately warns: "people have the right to eat what they want. A human being is not formatted to have dietary restrictions. We like to eat everything and diversify our diet."

But be careful, on the other hand, "you have to learn to combine them and when to eat a particular food."

Another important factor: age.

"We know that until the age of 30, everyone can digest almost everything, except health problems. But after 30 years, the digestive tract evolves and we can no longer evolve in terms of calories. people will weigh food on the assumption that everything turns into nutrients, when it doesn't. We keep some in storage. So you have to combine well so as not to store. "

No icing on the cake, no vinegar in your salads

But concretely, what are the associations to avoid?

The doctor of food biology gave surprising answers.

"The cherry is a fruit and the cake is a starch, a slow sugar. So the icing on the cake is a very bad combination. It is either the starch or the fast sugar, but you must not combine the two in the same digestion, ”she says.

Another association to be banned: the traditional vinaigrette or the little lemon on your salads.

And yes !

"We must not especially eat carrots with lemon or vinegar, or beet with a vinaigrette. We just put olive oil, otherwise we lose all the benefits! We can add herbal broth, we put a little lukewarm water, dilute it then add olive oil with lots of spices, and add a cottage cheese. It's a way of seasoning without vinegar and without lemon ", advises- she does.

Even more surprising: "the fruit salad is a catastrophic combination. It is better to have chocolate mousse after pizza than a fruit salad!"

If you want to be sure to combine well, choose green vegetables, cheeses and eggs ... and red wine!

“Neutral foods are green vegetables, like beans or broccoli, that you can pair with anything you want. Cheeses and eggs can also be paired with whatever you want. Red wine too. It is a wine where all of the grapes are transformed into alcohol, unlike white and rosé which are acidic and which will include storage. "

Eat organic vegetables (or steam them)

If you can't eat organic vegetables, don't panic: Kahina Oussedik-Ferhi has an alternative.

"When vegetables are full of pesticides, instead of spending the money buying organic, because not everyone can afford it, you can steam them. With steaming, all heavy metals fall out. and with this method we manage to have organic vegetables. "

A sugar withdrawal

We know that sugar is the enemy of weight loss.

And there, no choice: a weaning is necessary.

"Depending on the age of the person, their health history, if they had diets before, there is a specific time for weaning from sugar. The basis for losing weight is to control their blood sugar, his blood sugar, ”she warns. 

"We realized that a blood sugar lower than 0.88 allowed weight loss and no longer gain back. You have to have this very low blood sugar, as the Cro-Magnon man had, to lose weight . "

Two fruits a day, processed sugar rather in the evening

Another tip: "we say 5 fruits and vegetables per day, but in reality it is three vegetables and two fruits because fruits are sugar."

And if, like the author of these lines, you cannot help but eat chocolate, then it is better to satisfy your guilty pleasure in the evening.

"If we want to eat industrial sugar, the best time is after dinner. When we wake up in the morning, we wake up with a naturally high sugar level in our body, which is there to activate our physiology", assures Kahina Oussedik- Ferhi. 

“And the more the day goes on, the more this natural sugar will drop during the day. If we let it drop to the maximum and we inject a sugar, it will not go to storage. If we inject it too early, for example a large pancake for lunch, there will be a risk. "