Chinese director Zhao Ting captures the "Golden Lion" at the 77th Venice International Film Festival

  On September 12, local time, the 77th Venice International Film Festival came to an end in the water city of Lido Island, Venice.

Directed by Zhao Ting and starred by Francis McDormand, the film "A Place Without a Back" won the Golden Lion Award for Best Picture. Zhao Ting also became the first Chinese female director to win the Golden Lion Award in Venice for her work.

  Zhao Ting was born in Beijing and graduated from the Film School of New York University.

In 2014, she wrote and directed her first film "The Song That Brother Taught Me", which was nominated for the Golden Camera Award at the 68th Cannes Film Festival. She also won the 24th Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Female Director for her film. prize.

In 2018, with the drama "Knight", won the 70th Cannes International Film Festival Director's Biweekly Best Film Award and the 33rd Independent Spirit Award Bonnie Award.

It is reported that Zhao Ting is Song Dandan's stepdaughter, and her next new film is the Marvel movie "Eternal Clan".

  Chinese directors who have previously won the Golden Lion Award include Zhang Yimou ("Qiuju's Lawsuit", "No One Can Be Less"), Jia Zhangke ("The Good Man in Three Gorges"), Li An ("Brokeback Mountain", "Lust and Caution"), Hou Xiaoxian (" Sad City"), Cai Mingliang ("Long Live Love").

  "A Place to Nowhere" is starring Francis McDormand, who won the Oscar for Best Actress for "Three Billboards".

In the film, she plays a woman in her 60s who lost everything in the Great Depression. As a modern nomad living in a truck, she embarked on a journey across the western United States.

  At the Venice Film Awards Ceremony, a video of Zhao Ting and Francis McDomund's receiving the award was played.

The two were sitting next to a minivan, and McDormand said: "Obviously we are not in Venice, we are in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (California, USA)!" The film was recently screened in a car in the local area.

The two thanked the company, team, relatives and friends of the film, and finally smiled at the camera and shouted: "See you on the road!" (Hu Guangxin)