China News Service, Wenzhou, September 14 (Pan Qinwen, Zheng Bin, Fang Chi, Binbin) On the 14th, a reporter learned from the Longwan District Bureau of the Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang Province that the Longwan Police successfully dismantled a criminal gang suspected of buying and selling state agency certificates. An upstream industrial chain of transnational telecommunications network fraud was broken, and 25 criminal suspects were arrested.

  At the beginning of April 2020, Longwan police obtained clues: Chen (male, 27 years old, from Anhui) who lives in the Longwan champion area registered a number of companies with the market supervision department, and obtained a formal business license, company seal, and corporate seal , Financial chapters, as well as unit bank accounts used for settlement and USB-shields used for online large-value fund transactions, but since the registration was completed, no actual business has been carried out, and large-value fund transaction records frequently appear on the settlement account .

Longwan police arrested the suspect.

Photo courtesy of Longwan Police 

  These abnormal situations have aroused great attention from the police.

Zhang Jianbin, a civilian police officer from the Longwan District Public Security Bureau who handled the case, said: "The company registered by Chen is likely to be a shell company, which is specifically used for money laundering or other illegal and criminal activities."

  Subsequently, Longwan police arrested the suspect Chen in a rental house on Zhuangyuan Street.

According to Chen's confession, he himself did not have a job. He registered 4 companies through the introduction of his friend Gui, and then sold the entire set of company information obtained at almost zero cost to others at a price of 2,000 yuan per set, and made a total of 8,000 yuan. .

  The police followed the vine and quickly arrested the criminal suspect Gui and his family member Li, and searched a large number of documents such as business licenses and real estate certificates on the spot.

The police seized more than 100 sets of business licenses and public accounts.

Photo courtesy of Longwan Police 

  After investigation, this is a criminal gang headed by Li and supplemented by Gui and others who illegally buy and sell documents from state agencies.

This gang lures and guides social idlers to register companies or stores, then purchases these "shell" company materials at high prices, and then resells them to overseas telecommunications network fraud and money laundering organizations to profit from them at high prices.

  According to Ye Zhongjin, a policeman in charge of the No. 1 police station, this gang has formed a gray-black industrial chain integrating registration, production, and sales. In order not to attract the attention of the regulatory authorities, the criminal gang has also restricted the registration of no more than 4 companies per person.

  From May to early September this year, the police rushed to Lucheng, Ouhai, Taishun, Wenzhou and other places to conduct investigations and arrests based on clues they had, and successively arrested 23 criminal suspects including Luo Moumou and Li Moumou; Shenyang, Liaoning, arrested the criminal suspect Ke Mouhui who specialized in purchasing business licenses and selling them to overseas money laundering and fraud organizations at high prices.

The police seized more than 100 sets of business licenses and public accounts.

Photo courtesy of Longwan Police 

  So far, after more than four months of continuous campaigns, Longwan Police has crossed multiple provinces and cities in China, destroyed this criminal group buying and selling national documents, cut off the upstream industry chain of transnational telecommunications network fraud, and arrested a total of 25 criminal suspects. , Seized more than 100 sets of business licenses and public accounts, involving more than 1.5 million yuan, and realized the entire chain of black and gray industries from registration, production, and sales.

  At present, the case is still under investigation.