The "mystery" of the junior high school setting up the college entrance examination repetition class in the kindergarten

  An investigation on illegally opening repetition classes in a key private high school in Huaian, Jiangsu in the past ten years

  Our reporter Chen Xiyuan

  At ten o'clock in the evening, in a community in Huai’an District, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, a three-story kindergarten building is brightly lit, and outside the narrow school gate, some parents hold their arms to chat, and some carry the fried skewers they just bought, waiting for the college entrance examination next year. Of children are out of school.

The surrounding businesses and residents have already taken it off for a long time, "it has been running for nearly ten years."

  As college admissions are coming to an end, some candidates who are dissatisfied with their scores or admission results have embarked on the repetition route.

Usually, you can go to a special training institution or school for repetition. However, some parents recently reported to reporters that a well-known private junior high school in Huai'an actually released an enrollment guide for the college entrance examination repetition cram school. Not only the teaching location is in the kindergarten of the above-mentioned community, but some Instructors also have public status.

  How do you start a college entrance examination repetition class in junior high school?

Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter conducted an investigation.

  The junior high school set up a college entrance examination repetition class

  This "Huaizhong Education Group Wentong College Entrance Exam Remedial Class Admissions Guide" was published on the WeChat public account "Xin Huaizhong", and the account subject authentication was "Huai'an Middle School in Jiangsu Province".

The reporter searched and found that the school’s official website also had an article on the same subject with the same content. The signatures were all "Huaizhong Education Group Wentong Middle School", dated July 27 this year.

  Tuition classes are charged according to different grades of college entrance examination scores. Taking Jiangsu liberal arts candidates as an example, the training fee for candidates with a score of 284 to 293 is 5,000 yuan, and the training fee for candidates with a score of 274 to 283 is 8,000 yuan. The tuition and miscellaneous fees refer to fresh students.

It is stated in the brochure that candidates who have scores below 30 on the second line can register first, and the tuition class will be refilled if they are not satisfied.

  The full name of "Huaizhong Education Group" is "Jiangsu Huaian Middle School Education Group".

According to information from the school’s official website, the group was established in July 2003, and currently has jurisdiction over Jiangsu Huai’an Middle School and Huai’an Wentong Middle School, namely high schools and junior high schools.

  Wentong Middle School is a junior high school, how do you start a college entrance examination repetition class?

Is the teaching quality reliable?

The reporter called the "Ms. Chen" consultation number on the brochure in the name of the parents of the failed candidates.

  "Ms. Chen" bluntly said that the cram school "was run by Huai'an Middle School. In the name of Wentong Middle School, the teacher is also a teacher from Huai'an Middle School. It has been established and has been run for 10 years." "Eating in Huaizhong, sleeping in Huai In middle school, the study is in the special cram school."

  Listening to the reporters dubiously, "Ms. Chen" once again emphasized: "We have been in business for 10 years, and you will know when you come to see." He asked the reporter to "bring the admission ticket and password card, first go to the school office on the 2nd floor to mark the score, and then to The 6th floor recruits office to complete the formalities.” Finally, I reminded the reporter not to go to the wrong place. It is Huai'an Middle School instead of Wentong Middle School. If you live on campus, you will pay another 500 yuan per semester.

  Browsing the official website of Huai'an Middle School, you can find that the school's first and second grades are divided into 1 and 2, and in addition to these two departments, there is an extra "3" in the third.

The reporter continued to search on the official website and found a concluding article titled "Where the Ideal Ark Realizes Dreams—Remembering Huai'an Middle School Education Group Wentong College Entrance Examination Crambling Class" in June 2018. The class is'Huai'an Middle School Grade Three'".

  The reporter asked the Huaian District Education and Sports Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "Education and Sports Bureau") to verify by phone. The staff also said: "Wentong Middle School is a junior high school, and Huai'an Middle School is a high school. Although they are a group, how can junior high schools run high schools? Where's the cram school?"

  In fact, "Huaizhong Education Group Wentong College Entrance Exam Remedial Class" is run by Huai'an Middle School, Jiangsu Province, which is a high school. Repeaters are divided into classes to form "3 departments", which are side by side with the first and second departments of fresh students, and are unified by Huai'an Middle School. management.

"Part 3" is not actually related to Wentong Middle School except that it is organized by Wentong Middle School in name.

  Hidden Community Kindergarten "High School 3"

  The above-mentioned staff of the Huai'an District Education and Sports Bureau told reporters that the cram school was originally on the campus of Huai'an Middle School, "but then the classrooms were not enough, so it rented the kindergarten in Lizheng Garden, which is run every year."

  On the eve of Teacher's Day, the reporter visited Lizheng Garden in Xiaguan Community, Huaicheng Street, Huai'an District, Huaian City.

A merchant in the north gate of the community told reporters: "The cram school has been open for many years, and I think it is not less than seven or eight years. The students came before 6:30 in the morning and ended at 10:20 in the evening."

  "The community is a teacher's apartment, which is filled with teachers from Huaizhong, (community and cram school) is one family." The merchant said, "There are 1 and 2 schools over there, and 3 here."

  The statements of the staff of the Education and Sports Bureau and the merchants can correspond to the enrollment guidelines of the "Wentong College Entrance Examination Crambling Class" over the years. For example, the 2017 brochure stated that the cram school was in the "Kindergarten in Lizheng Garden, Dukangqiao Road"; 2018, 2019 The expression is "the kindergarten in the Huaizhong Teachers Apartment".

  This kindergarten building is very easy to find. At more than 10 o’clock in the evening, in the dark and quiet community, there is only one three-story small building independent of other residential buildings, which is brightly lit and very conspicuous. At this time, many parents have been waiting for their children at the door. After school.

  Lizheng Garden is located in the southeast of Huai'an Middle School, less than 500 meters from the south gate of the school. The name "Lizheng" is taken from the local Lizheng Academy in the late Qing Dynasty, which founded the Huai'an Fu Middle School and is considered the predecessor of Huai'an Middle School. .

  Perhaps it was to make up for the regret of not being able to enter a higher education, or it was the self-exhortation to turn loss into motivation. Some cram school students and parents used "Southeast University" to refer to this small building and asked the reporter: "Are you from the Southeast?"

  There are two doors in the small building. The east door is the main entrance. It is more than 2 meters wide and is completely enclosed by iron fences. It is usually locked with U-shaped locks. There is a couplet on both sides of the wall: "Go in and study hard × work hard and go out. Come to the gold list for the title exhibition.” During lunch, parents will come to deliver meals, and some students will also come to "visit" repeating classmates and talk through the iron fence.

  Although the west gate is much wider, it is still a glass door, but it is usually locked. When the meal is reached, the dining car sent by the school will stop at the west gate, and the staff will only open the side door to deliver the lunch.

  On the whole, this building does implement closed management as the surrounding residents and merchants say, but the two doors are normally closed, and there is a certain fire hazard.

  At 10:20 in the evening, as the school bell rang, more and more students gathered in front of the iron fence of the east gate, and it became more and more noisy. Everyone was waiting for the person to unlock. When the door opened, it looked like a balloon filled with water. After being pierced, the students swarmed out and walked away in about two and a half minutes.

  The reporter entered the building in the name of looking for an old classmate. Inside was a "back" shape, with a patio in the middle. The cafeteria was on the 1st floor, and the classes were on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Many inspirational slogans were posted in the classroom, such as "Strive for one point." One more point, one more than a few thousand people" "break through the difficulties and get a book, the university is better than others", "if the electives do not match, all the efforts will be wasted" and so on.

  The small blackboard reads "Diligence is the best shortcut 273". "273" means that there are 273 days before the college entrance examination in 2021. Under the blackboard, there is also a sentence informing that "League members will be transferred to the 2018 Class 1 League Branch of Huai'an Middle School." .

  The students’ desks were scattered with some lesson plans. One of the headers was printed with the words “3 Biology Homework Sheets for the 2021 Senior High School”. In the teacher’s office on the third floor, the reporter ran into a male teacher who met Bai on the sideburns. , He hurried downstairs to leave. Unexpectedly, the iron fence door had been locked, and there were still a few students in the patio who could not get out, so they waited for the inspecting teacher to open the door.

  The reporter talked with the cram school students after school and successfully entered the dormitory area of ​​Huai'an Middle School.

Several boys living on campus said that there are currently 5 classes in the cram school with nearly 300 students. They wake up at 5:40 in the morning and can rest for 3 hours after school at noon every Sunday. There will be a double break every 4 weeks.

  Recurring classes in key high schools hinder education equity

  Since it is a private high school itself, why Huai'an Middle School insisted on using the name of Wentong Middle School for many years? Such "tortures" are puzzling.

According to a senior person in the local education system, according to the relevant requirements of the state and Jiangsu Province, this class of Huai'an Middle School is "inconvenient" to run.

  On July 21 this year, a statement made by Maotanchang Middle School in Lu'an City, Anhui Province, aroused public concern about the repetition policy.

The statement stated that the school is a publicly-run provincial-level model high school. It strictly complies with the requirements of "public high schools are not allowed to hold college entrance examination tuition classes" stipulated by the higher education authorities. The "Maotanchang Middle School Gaokao Tuition Center" and "Maotanchang High School Entrance Examination Repetition Center" have never been established. The college entrance examination tuition institutions such as "schools", and the long-recognized college entrance examination tuition centers are actually run by the "Lu'an Jin'an Senior High School" adjacent to the school.

  On the same day, Lu’an Jin’an Senior High School also stated that the school was an independent private school of the nature of “public participation and citizens” founded in 2006 by Lu’an Huiwen Middle School and some private capital based on the high-quality educational resources of Maotanchang Middle School. Engaged in high school diploma education and non-degree college entrance examination remedial education.

  The reporter searched for relevant repetition policies and learned that in the past 30 years, the Ministry of Education and local education authorities have repeatedly made it clear that public general high schools must not hold college entrance examination repetition classes, and some places have stricter requirements. Not only public high schools cannot do it, but also "demonstration." Key middle schools with other titles cannot do it.

For example, in April this year, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education notified that provincial-level exemplary general high schools should not hold repeat classes.

  According to the official website of Huai'an Middle School, the school was identified as the first batch of key middle schools in Jiangsu Province in 1979. In April 2002, it was recognized as a national demonstration high school by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. In 2003, it was restructured into a "private office assistance". In February 2004, it was transferred to the first batch of four-star high schools in Jiangsu Province.

  According to the "Evaluation Standards and Evaluation Rules for Four-star Ordinary High Schools in Jiangsu Province (2020 Edition)" issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Education Evaluation Institute, the 11th item of the negative evaluation index requires that the school "Illegal enrollment or serious violation of ordinary high school membership management regulations , Or holding college entrance examination remedial classes, or recruiting inter-class repeaters and borrowers", will be rated as "not up to standard" C level.

  Relevant persons from the Education Department of Jiangsu Province also gave a clear answer to reporters, regardless of whether they are publicly run or privately run, four-star high schools in this province cannot hold repeat classes.

  Why are public high schools or key middle schools not allowed to run repeat classes?

From the perspective of ordinary people, wouldn’t it be good to give candidates who have performed abnormally a chance?

  Related topics have already been discussed.

In 2007, the "Provisions of Sichuan Province on Further Regulating the Enrollment Behavior of General High Schools" pointed out that this was done to "avoid duplication of education and waste of resources, so that limited resources can provide more junior high school graduates with opportunities to receive good education."

  In the same year, the Jiangsu Education Department also stated in a public report: “General high school education resources are limited. The recruitment of repeat students and the holding of college entrance examination remedial classes in high schools will inevitably affect the enrollment of school-age students and the healthy development of the entire high school stage of education.”

  According to this report, in the early 1990s, some ordinary high schools and social organizations occupied school space and equipment to convene incumbent middle school teachers to organize college entrance examination tuition classes. The number of tuition classes in some places even exceeded the number of fresh high school graduates; 2002 Around the year, as many high schools were relocated and rebuilt, their enrollment capacity increased, and some high schools began to recruit repeat students.

  In response to these two "repetition classes fever", at the end of 1991, Jiangsu Province issued a document requiring that all tuition classes held in ordinary high schools be disbanded, all teachers who take part-time tuition classes outside the school must be withdrawn, and all repeat students who transfer to classes will be removed; In September 2002, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education issued another notice of rectification in response to the resurgence of repeat classes, and proposed penalties for schools that violate the regulations.

  According to a report by Jiangsu local media at the end of 2002, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education randomly inspected 26 ordinary high schools in 14 counties (cities) and notified 9 schools that had violated regulations, mainly in northern Jiangsu. There are 12 cram schools with more than 1,200 people.

  A teacher in northern Jiangsu told reporters that the opening of cram schools in high schools can be profitable, and secondly, repeat students already have experience in the college entrance examination. Compared with fresh students, it is easier to get good grades, which is conducive to enhancing the school’s reputation and attracting more repeat students. Therefore, the school and teachers are also willing to devote their energy to repeat students, but it is not fair to do so.

  Unqualified hidden danger, involving multiple violations

  Wentong College Entrance Exam Remedial Class was founded in 2011, but it has not obtained the qualifications for running a school for 10 years, and has occupied the supporting kindergarten in the community for a long time. Some teachers actually have public status. The organization of Huai'an Middle School may involve multiple violations.

  ——After 10 years, there is still no complete qualification.

The reporter found out the "whitelist" of 81 off-campus training institutions in 3 batches issued by the Education and Sports Bureau of Huai'an District in 2019. Among them, there was no "Wen Tong Gaokao Crambling Class" or training institutions located in Lizheng Garden.

  In response to the reporter’s verification, the staff in charge of the Huai’an District Education and Sports Bureau said: “We are urging it to handle the qualification issues.” He also emphasized that “Huai’an Middle School is a private middle school and the school is formal.”

  According to the qualification information of private schools released by the District Education and Sports Bureau in July 2018, Huai'an Middle School in Jiangsu Province is a municipal-administered general high school, and it does have a school permit number.

  However, a relevant person from the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education told reporters that even if a private middle school has formal qualifications, it does not mean that it does not need to apply for additional qualifications for opening cram schools. "High school is academic education, and cram schools are non-academic education. These are two different things."

  At the beginning of 2018, the Ministry of Education and other four departments jointly launched a special management action for off-campus training institutions, and safety hazards and school qualifications were the top governance tasks.

The west gate of the cram school that hides in the kindergarten is normally closed, and it is blocked by private cars at night. Students are squeezed in the narrow east gate fence after school and cannot get out. Someone needs to unlock the lock to leave, which poses a certain safety risk.

  —— Long-term occupation of supporting kindergartens in the community.

At the beginning of 2019, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Carrying out the Governance of Supporting Kindergartens in Urban Communities", requiring the completed community kindergartens to be handed over to the local education administrative department in a timely manner in accordance with regulations. Those who have not been handed over to the local education administrative department should complete the handover within a time limit. Effective measures must be taken to take back what has been diverted for other purposes.

  The “Administrative Measures for the Construction of Supporting Kindergartens in Residential Districts of Huai'an City” that came into effect on March 1, 2019 also clarified that the supporting kindergartens are public educational resources and their ownership belongs to the people's government (management committee) of the county where they are located.

  The Measures also require that no unit or individual may sell, transfer, mortgage, change the use, idle for a long time, or dismantle or modify the supporting kindergartens that should be handed over to the government.

  The "Jiangsu Province Urban Community Supporting Kindergarten Governance Work Plan" in April 2019 also pointed out that the county (city, district) people's government is the main body of responsibility for governance. If the situation of supporting kindergartens in urban communities is underreported, the relevant leaders shall be investigated. And the responsibility of the responsible person.

  According to the inquiry, the Lizheng Garden District was built around 2012. According to the surrounding businesses, the cram school was also moved into the kindergarten at that time. Why was it not rectified during the special management? Is the building still a kindergarten?

  ——Use public school teachers.

In the cram school, the reporter filmed the profiles of some teachers on the bulletin board, and also captured footage of many teachers coming in and out. Some people in the local education system have identified that some are still public teachers.

  In the early days of the establishment of private schools, due to their relative weakness, public schools could send teachers to exchanges to improve the teaching level, but obviously such exchanges should be short-term behavior, not to mention that Huai'an Middle School has been reformed for 17 years and is now the best high school in Huai'an District. .

  The "private office assistance" policy implemented in the reform of Huai'an Middle School is that after the reform, the public establishment of some teachers will be retained, and the salary will be paid by the education group, and they will still enjoy the establishment benefits after retirement.

This has caused dissatisfaction among some public teachers, who thought it was "dipping in sugar after eating steamed buns."

According to the reporter's exclusive information, last year there were nearly 80 public teachers in Huai'an Middle School alone.

  In January last year, the second inspection team of the Huai'an District Party Committee pointed out in the inspection opinions that were fed back to the Party Committee of the District Education Bureau (which had not yet been reorganized with the Sports Bureau): "The rectification measures are untrue. In May 2017, the 13th (Jiangsu) Provincial Party Committee The first round of inspections raised the issue of the management of the teaching staff of private schools. The Education Bureau has not formulated specific rectification plans and measures. At present, there are still 490 public teachers on staff teaching in private schools."

  In response to the inspection opinions, the Party Committee of the Education and Sports Bureau of Huai'an District issued a rectification notice in April 2019. According to the reporter's information, just 4 months later, there were still two newly hired public teachers "communication" to Huai'an Middle School.

  The reporter found the names of the two in the list of "The second batch of public recruitment of personnel in the education and sports system and public institutions in Huai'an District in 2019 (the first batch)". The employers were the local public high school Chuzhou Middle School and the " Junior High School in Huaian District".

  According to the information disclosed by the official WeChat account "Xin Huaizhong" of Huai'an Middle School, the teacher hired by Chuzhou Middle School was already a class teacher of Huai'an Middle School in March 2018. The teacher hired by the "District Junior High School" published his teaching experience on the official website of Huai'an Middle School in 2016, and is still a key teacher of the 2020 high school grade 1.

  The reporter couldn't help asking, why the excellent teachers who were self-employed in the former Huai'an Middle School can still teach in the school after being admitted to the public school?

For the public schools that have hired them, is this a kind of loss of teachers in disguise, is it a kind of educational unfairness?

  Reply from the local Education and Sports Bureau: There is indeed no qualification to run a school

  "What is the nature of the cram school? This question is very important." A senior person in the education system of Huai'an District analyzed that if the cram school is a teaching site outside the school in Huai'an Middle School, it would violate the four-star high school's rule that cram schools are not allowed to be held. ; If the cram school is a non-academic education and training institution run by a private education group, then it has no qualifications, second it uses high school teachers, especially teachers who are still publicly-run, to teach classes, and thirdly occupying the community kindergarten for a long time, which violates relevant national governance Regulations.

  On the afternoon of September 13, the reporter asked the Propaganda Department and the District Education and Sports Bureau of Huai'an District Committee of Huai'an City on related issues concerning the "Wen Tong College Entrance Examination Cram School".

  The Huai'an District Education and Sports Bureau replied to the reporter that the bureau attaches great importance to the issue of Huaizhong Education Group's "Wen Tong Gaokao Tuition Class".

On July 23 this year, the Bureau’s Private Education Management Office discovered that Huai’an Middle School held a third-year cram school in the Lizheng Huayuan community. On the same day, it delivered the "Notice of Ordering Shutdown" to the school, stating that the senior high school in the Lizheng Huayuan community was taught The class does not have a school permit, which is considered to be an unlicensed school. According to the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Private Education" and other laws and regulations, the school is ordered to immediately terminate illegal school operations.

On July 31, the Bureau's Private Education Management Office once again delivered a "Reminder Letter" to Huai'an Middle School, demanding that the school run in violation of regulations and laws be stopped immediately and enrollment should be stopped.

  On September 13, the Huai'an District Education and Sports Bureau sent staff to conduct an on-site investigation and confirmed that the organizer of the "Wen Tong College Entrance Examination Crambling Class" was Huaizhong Education Group, and the cram school had no school qualifications.

After consulting the tuition class teacher roster, the tuition class has a total of 16 teachers, of which 5 are self-employed teachers, and the rest are public teachers retained after the reform of Huai'an Middle School.

In 2007, the teacher's apartment Lizheng Huayuan Community was built. The kindergarten is a supporting facility. The nature of the land is to sell the land. The owner is Huai'an Jiulong Real Estate Co., Ltd.