74-year-old man stabbed and died at home His wife was also cut and injured Miyagi Shibata-cho September 12, 20:23

On the night of the 11th, a 74-year-old man living in a house in Shibata Town, Miyagi Prefecture, was stabbed by a knife and died, and police are investigating it as a murder case.

After 8 pm on the 11th, a nearby resident reported to the police that "a neighbor was stabbed" at a house in Kitafunaoka 3-chome, Shibata-cho.

When police officers rushed in, Tetsuo Mouri (74), who lives in this house, was found to have been stabbed in the chest with a knife and was taken to the hospital, but died about two hours later.

According to the police, Mr. Mohri's wife in her 70s said, "Someone visited and my husband responded, but when I went to see it because there was a scream, my husband was stabbed." It means that he was injured when his arm was cut when he escaped to the house.

Police are investigating the details of the murder, as his wife said it was like a man who fled, and nearby residents witnessed a car running away from the scene shortly after the incident.