• Festival.The rigorous, magnetic and full journey of 'Nomadland' is confirmed as the film of the Mostra and of the post-quarantine

  • Cinema.The Venice Film Festival discovers 'New order', by Michel Franco, this year's 'Parasites'

The film 'Nomadland', by director

Chloé Zhao

and starring Frances McDormand, met expectations and won the Golden Lion at the 77th Venice Film Festival today.

The 38-year-old Chinese-American director is the first woman to receive the prestigious award in 10 years with

a moving film about America's nomadic workers.

For his part, the Mexican film director

Michel Franco

won the Silver Lion at the 77th Venice Film Festival this Saturday for his film 'New Order'.

The film is a ruthless metaphor for Mexico and the modern world, plagued by social differences, racism and inequalities.

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