According to China Weather News, it is expected that there will be showers in Beijing today (September 11). At the same time, the wind is relatively strong, with a gust of about six. The public should pay attention to wind and rain, and pay attention to traffic safety when traveling on rainy days.

  Yesterday, Beijing's light rain and strong wind attacked together, and the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning for strong wind.

Wind and rain are cool, and the highest temperature in the southern suburbs observatory drops to 26.5℃.

This morning, there are many clouds over Beijing Haidian.

  There are still wind and rain in Beijing today. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a weather forecast at 6 o'clock on the 11th. It is expected that today will be cloudy and overcast with scattered light showers, with northerly winds of magnitude three or four, gusts of magnitude six, and the maximum temperature of 26℃; Overcast, with showers, northerly winds of 2nd and 3rd, minimum temperature 19℃.

  In the next four days, Beijing will be dominated by cloudy to overcast weather with rain from time to time, including showers during the day from the 14th to the 15th.

The temperature fluctuates little, the highest temperature will remain at 26 to 27°C, and the lowest temperature will be 18 to 19°C.

  Meteorological experts reminded that there will be a lot of precipitation in Beijing in the next few days. Please pay attention to traffic safety when you travel on rainy days.

The northerly wind is strong today with obvious gusts. Please take care of wind and rain.