The singer Pomme, openly lesbian, does not hesitate to commit to the rights of LGBT people in her songs.

Invited by "Culture Médias", she explains to Philippe Vandel's microphone what is said and how she wrote her title "Grandiose", born of the lack of representation of lesbian women from which she suffered.


"Since I don't have the right, I want a child in the womb."

These words from the title of the singer Pomme "Grandiose", have given rise to many interpretations.

Guest of the show "Culture Médias", the openly lesbian artist explained to Philippe Vandel in what context she wrote this song and what she had in mind at the time.

The opportunity for her to share her feelings about the place of lesbian women in the music industry.

Present on his second album 

Les failles,

released in November 2019, his track "Grandiose" was composed several years ago. 

“It's a song I wrote three days after Christmas, in 2017,” recalls the 24-year-old songwriter.

“It's a time where I always feel a little woozy, because it's a time of family coming together. Although I have a family, I've never really identified with the classic model of family. song speaks of this complexity to reconcile the desires of children and the fact of not being in the model proposed by the company. "

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The lack of representation of gays and lesbians

Contrary to what many have imagined when listening to the song, it is not directly the legislative context around the bioethics law that inspired Apple at the time of writing "Grandiose", as she specifies on the microphone Europe 1. "The text had nothing to do with PMA and 'real' law. The song was associated with it because it came out right in the debates about medically opening procreation. assisted to all women, "admits the artist who published the clip for this title on August 30.

But "I wrote this rather with the idea of ​​a moral right that I grant to myself. I told myself that it was not usual to have a child alone or with another woman. did not have an example. However, to speak of representation, it is very important when we grow up to have examples of people who resemble us. Because otherwise, we have the impression of not having access to certain things."

Pomme also recalls that in France, "a lot of people are beaten up in the street because they hold hands and are two men or two women, a lot of people are afraid".

Manifestations of homophobia and lesbophobia which are also linked to the lack of representation.


The unexpected portrait of ... Apple

"The whole of society is not yet gay-friendly"

Asked about her desire for more space for lesbian women in the music industry, the singer specifies: "Between artists, it may be accepted, but with the labels, the artistic directors, the people who take care of the image of artists, it's still complicated. Because all of society is not yet 'gay-friendly'. These are things to be deconstructed, even today. " 

The song "Grandiose"

is one of the titles that Apple will play on stage in November for two Parisian dates that are already full, and in 2021 for a tour whose outlines remain to be determined.

Blame it on the health crisis.

But the singer promises to give precise information "in the coming weeks" on her Instagram account.

"The advantage is that, with the music I make, I can play in front of seated halls", explains the artist, who considers herself lucky to be able to continue the concerts.