China News Service, Zhuhai, September 11 (Wang Jianyuexiao) At 9 o'clock on the 11th, an explosion occurred in a commercial and residential building on Baiteng 2nd Road, Doumen District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, causing varying degrees of damage to surrounding shops and residential buildings.

After the accident, the city’s fire rescue detachment dispatched a full-time headquarters and 6 team stations. A total of 19 fire trucks and 95 commanders and fighters were dispatched to the rescue. 9 people in distress were successfully rescued at the scene.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Fire Rescue Corps at the rescue scene

  It is understood that the scene of the accident was an explosion in a shop on the first floor of a seven-story comprehensive building and ignited the surrounding shops. After the explosion, there were many fires at the scene. The shops on the first floor also stored gas tanks, acetylene and other flammable and explosive materials. More complicated.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Fire Rescue Corps at the rescue scene

  When the fire commanders arrived at the scene, the fire was in a violent burning stage. According to the principle of "saving people first, scientific rescue", the fire commanders arranged two groups of search and rescue teams to enter the internal organization for search and rescue, and at the same time deploy forces to control the fire.

Photo courtesy of Guangdong Fire Rescue Corps at the rescue scene

  Braving the high temperature and heavy smoke, fire rescue personnel climbed over collapsed rubble, gravel and other obstacles, entered the scene to search and rescue one by one, and successfully rescued 9 trapped people.

During the rescue process, fire commanders found more than 10 gas tanks from the shops on the first floor and successfully moved them to a safe area.

  At 9:40 that day, the open fire at the scene was extinguished.

Three people were injured in the accident. The cause of the accident and property damage are under investigation.