China News Service, September 10th, on the 9th, the TV series "So Many Beautiful Mountains" was successfully completed.

The play is directed by An Jian, written by Wang Chenggang, and starred by Luo Jin, Yuan Shanshan, Shen Mengchen and others. It is expected to land at the Golden Eagle Private Theater on Hunan Satellite TV at the end of this year.

Luo Jin

  At the finale scene, looking back at more than three months of shooting, actor Luo Jin sighed.

In the play, he plays Pu Quansheng as a young and ideal village party secretary who wants to lead the whole village out of poverty and become rich.

Pu Quansheng has a nickname called "The Secretary of Motorcycle". For this reason, Luo Jin specially brought his own motorcycle, and rode it to the shooting scene every morning at 5 or 6 o'clock.

In his view, "it's not the actors acting, but the characters living".

  Yuan Shanshan, who played the female No. 1 sand gull, had white skin when she first joined the group.

But after more than three months of filming, she has been dubbed "the briquettes" by the crew.

This drama gave her a true understanding of young people choosing to take root in the countryside, "Youth is about dreaming and pursuing ideals".

Yuan Shanshan

  Although the actor Shen Mengchen of the second female Ximei is the host of Hunan Satellite TV, he has always had an actor dream.

She said that Ximei's corner made her really smell the youthful smell emerging from the soil, "so fresh and beautiful."

  As a main theme drama with youthful flavor, "So Many Jiao Jiangshan" breaks the conventional pattern. As director An Jian said, "So Many Jiao Jiangshan" is idealism.

"A young man full of ideals, Sha Ou, met a more idealistic Pu Quansheng. After going through various hardships and tribulations, the two young people have grown together."

  Speaking of the creation of "So Many Beautiful Country", screenwriter Wang Chenggang said that he adopted a group portrait style character creation method and portrayed 17 main characters.

“Among them, there are lazy people, alcoholics, and super-born households. These various types of typical characters were stimulated by the poverty alleviation cadres to get rid of poverty, and finally realized the transformation.”

  It’s worth mentioning that "So Many Beautiful Mountains and Rivers" brings together old drama bones such as Wang Kuirong, Shi Liang, Zhang Zijian, Luo Eryang, Liu Jiaoxin, and Jiao Bin, and attracts Maohai, Li Qian, Fan Dandan, Zhou Pu, Jing Hao. , Liu Yiying, Wu Lipeng, Ma Liang, Yu Heng, Wang Siyi and other young actors.

Shen Mengchen

  Wang Kuirong, the oldest veteran in the play and a national first-class actor, is 74 years old this year.

He said that he has been in the arts for so many years and has not had such an experience for a long time. "Even if the whole play is composed of Tianzhou and Chariots, all the actors on the scene can enter the best acting state. This drama has a very high quality."

  It is reported that in order to shoot different rural scenery, director An Jian and the art team traveled to more than 400 villages in Zhangjiajie and Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and finally set the main scene in Mudixi Village in the Wuling Mountains.

shooting scene

  In addition, in order to get close to life as much as possible, all the actors intensively experience rural life before the filming starts, and personally learn activities such as planting seedlings, beekeeping, drying the rice, and drumming.

After the filming officially started, the actors started the "immersive" performance practice at the request of Director An Jian, putting themselves in place and acting in accordance with the character's life logic.