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They were finally able to utter a “phew” of relief.

The two retirees from Lyon, whose house in Théoule-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes), near Cannes, had been squatted, were able to return to their residence this Thursday morning.

The affair, much publicized in recent days, "is over", whispered Henri Kaloustian, on the spot, showing the new keys to the house.

On images filmed by M6, we can see the owner throwing out the windows the belongings left by the squatters, explaining that the place was largely dirty.

Prosecuted for breaches of domicile

A family with children had settled there since August 18 or 19, according to the prosecutor of the Republic of Grasse.

The squatters had finally left the scene, following an argument between the couple.

And the husband had been arrested and taken into custody.

On Tuesday, the keys to the house were handed over "to the owner's agent."

Theoule: "I'm here, I have the keys, but leave us alone"

Henri Kaloustian took to the street this Thursday morning at 11.35 to speak to the twenty or so journalists in place.

"Listen thank you for what you have done for me. We are in the house @patrice Lapoirie

- Nicematin Photo (@nicematinphoto) September 10, 2020

The two Lyonnais and the couple of squatters should meet in front of the Grasse court on October 27.

The last are prosecuted for the offense of violation of domicile.


One of the people who squatted the Théoule-sur-Mer house wants to "go back"


They squatted the house of two retirees, a couple called to appear

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