Kumamoto University's woman murder case It is possible that trouble was involved in the university 20:05 on September 10

In a case where a researcher woman at Kumamoto University was killed in Kumamoto City, wallets and backpacks that seemed to belong to the researcher were found on the campus of the university where I work, near the site.

The police are investigating the possibility that they may have been involved in some kind of trouble at the university.

On the 7th of this month, in a gutter beside the city road in Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, a researcher at a nearby Kumamoto University, Chiri Narahara (35), was found dead and was killed, and the police investigated it as a murder case. I am.

According to the investigations so far, Mr. Narahara was working at Kumamoto University Honjo Campus until 5 pm on the 6th day before he was found in the body, and according to police, it seems to be Mr. Narahara on the campus It means that I have found my backpack, wallet, laptop, etc.

A woman who visited the Kumamoto University Hospital on the same campus found it, and the hospital that had kept it as a lost item contacted the police, leaving cash in his wallet.

The campus is about a few minutes on foot from the site where the body was found, and police proceeded with the investigation, thinking that it may have been involved in some kind of trouble at the university after Mr. Nara Hara finished working. I am.

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