"Open letter to the

Musée d'Orsay

. Attached image of the Discord dress (photo taken four hours earlier)".

Thus begins the tweet denouncing


, a literature student, against the Parisian museum that did not allow her entry because her cleavage was too pronounced.

"It is Tuesday, September 8, the afternoon is hot and the arms, torsos and backs are discovered in


" she says, "I did not imagine that my cleavage would be the subject of discord."

In her story, the young woman says that she had hardly taken her ticket out of her bag when a museum employee showed her refusal: "Ah, no, it will not be possible, it is not possible, this will not happen."

She does not give in to a partner, who asks her to give in.

"I still don't know that it is my cleavage that has triggered the drama."

"I ask what's wrong, they don't answer me,

they stare at my breasts, I feel very uncomfortable, I don't understand what's going on


A security guard appears, according to her with somewhat altered ways: "Calm down, ma'am, the rules are the rules."

Another employee appears and everyone looks at Jeanne's cleavage, points to it, talks about "it", but no one gives a clear explanation.

Her friend intervenes: she wears a

crop top

with her navel exposed and no one says anything to her.

"You put on a jacket and if you want to take it off inside, that's the norm



"All this nonsense makes even a person in charge hold back the laughter. I don't want to put on my jacket because I feel defeated, obliged, I am ashamed, it gives me the impression that everyone is looking at my breasts, I am no more than my breasts, I am just a sexualized woman, but I want to enter the museum, "says Jeanne.

She puts on her jacket and goes inside.

"Inside, pictures of naked women, sculptures of naked women, visitors with their backs in the air, their navels in the air, but all thin and without breasts. I wonder if they would have let me in without problem with some of the clothes that the women wear. women inside ".

"I am not my breasts, I am not a body, your double standards should not be an obstacle to my right to access culture and knowledge", concludes the young woman.

"A decent outfit"

Indeed, article 7 of the museum's regulations, which can be found on its website but not at the ticket office, urges visitors to wear "a decent outfit", and articles 14 and 35 refer to the prohibition of accessing the museum. museum "with

an outfit likely to alter the public tranquility


Despite this, and after the commotion caused by the complaint, which has quickly become viral on the networks, the Orsay Museum has issued a very brief statement through the same medium: "We have had knowledge of an incident with a visitor when she accessed to the Musée d'Orsay. We are deeply sorry and apologize to the person involved, with whom we have contacted. "

According to


, the statement reached the media is not much less concise: "We have asked the concessionaire company to review the reminder of the rules found at the entrance of the museum."

For her part, Jeanne has assured


that, indeed, the institution has contacted her and that they have confirmed that what happened "is not normal and does not correspond to their policy."

"I am not calling for a boycott of the Musée d'Orsay, I will return myself. What I want to remember is that women are still discriminated against every day."

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