Cyril Hanouna will only present "Balance your post" once a week -


  • After switching from

    Key not at my post


    Take it or leave it

    since Monday, C8 again changes its program schedule.

  • As of September 28,

    Balance ton post

    will cease its daily broadcast and will return only on Thursday evening in the second part of the evening.

  • Cyril Hanouna is "happy that after eleven years, people still have so much waiting around

    Touche not at my post,

     " says

    20 Minutes

    a member of the production.

The challenge was enticing, but it did not bear fruit.

In this comeback, C8 had bet (even more than usual) on Cyril Hanouna with the sequence of three daily.

From 5:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m., the host waltzed between

Balance your post


Do not touch my post


Take it or leave it


A program perhaps a little too busy for the public who did not attend.

With less than a million viewers watching each show, the bar had to be raised.

First change to intervene since Monday: the change of schedules between

Touche pas à mon poste


Take it or leave it


According to the channel, the talk show and the game have swapped places for sanitary reasons, with the complete cleaning of the set not being able to be done up and down during the seven-minute commercial break.

"The general services looked at the sanitary conditions of the two sets, and we could no longer chain BTP and TPMP", slips

20 minutes

a member of the production.

"Cyril Hanouna was surprised by the reactions"

A sudden overhaul of the program schedule which was only the foretaste of a major change.

This Tuesday, C8 announced that

Libra ton post

would no longer be broadcast daily.


the channel will be


reruns of

Inspector Barnaby


From October 1, the talk show returns to a weekly format, as was the case in the two previous seasons, with a broadcast in the second part of the evening, from 10 p.m.

This deprogramming, Cyril Hanouna "copes very well", tells us a relative of the host.

The end of the daily version of 

Libra ton post


Take it or leave it

to save airtime, where the program "lost power by only lasting 50 minutes", while allowing more room for debate on the day. Thursday evening.

Since the beginning of the week,

Touche pas à mon poste has

therefore been back to its original schedule by starting around 7.45pm because “Cyril is keen to have his strong mark there.

In the entourage of the host, it is assured that he did not expect to receive so many requests for a return of


in his usual box.

“He was surprised at the reactions.

He is even rather reassured and happy that after eleven years, people still have so much expectation around the show.

Now all that remains is to wait and see if the magic will take effect again, or if the show's usual gauge will no longer exceed one million followers.


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