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The literary prize race can begin.

Véronique Olmi (

Les Evasions Particuliers

), Serge Joncour (

Nature humaine

) and Jean Rolin (

Le Pont de Bezons

) were included on Tuesday in the first list of novels selected for the Renaudot Prize, which is due on November 10.

The jury chose 14 titles, nine written by men, five by women, rather in the spotlight at the start of the literary prize season.

Thus we find, in the selection of Renaudot, Marie-Hélène Lafon and her

Histoire du fils

, which already won the Nancy bookseller's prize on Monday.

Carrère and Nothomb absent

Among those absent, we can notice the two great bookstore successes of this fall, namely the novels of Amélie Nothomb (

Les Aérostats

) and Emmanuel Carrère (



In the essays category, the highly noticed

L'Autre Rimbaud

 by David Le Bailly alongside five other titles.

Chaired by Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud, the jury, which lost Jérôme Garcin, resigned in March, planned to announce the name of the latter's successor on November 10.


- Mohammed Aissaoui,

Les Funambules


- Camille Brunel,

The Metamorphoses


- Jean-Paul Enthoven,

What pleased Blanche


- Irène Frain,

A crime of no importance


- Serge Joncour,

Human nature


- Marie-Hélène Lafon,

History of the son


- Hervé Le Tellier,



- Diane Mazloum,

A swimming pool in the desert

(JC Lattès)

- Etienne de Montety,

The Great Test


- Véronique Olmi,

The Particular Evasions

(Albin Michel)

- Anthony Palou,

La Faucille d'or


- Patricia Reznikov,



- Jean Rolin,

Le Pont de Bezons


- Jean-René Van der Plaetsen,

The Job of Dying



- Adrien Absolu,

The Missing of Joola

(JC Lattès)

- Olivier Betourne,

La Vie comme un livre

(Philippe Rey)

- Dominique Fortier,

The Paper Cities


- Cécile Guilbert,



- David Le Bailly,

L'Autre Rimbaud

(The Iconoclast)

- Frédéric Pajak,

With Pessoa

(Black and white)


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