Female corpse found in Kumamoto Gutter found to be a researcher at Kumamoto University September 9 22:14

On the 7th, a female body was found in a gutter on the city road in the center of Kumamoto City, and police investigation revealed that he was a 35-year-old researcher at Kumamoto University.

Police are investigating the case as a murder case because there are traces of women strangling.

On the 7th, a man who passed by a woman was found lying in a gutter beside the city road in Honjo, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, and was later confirmed dead.

There is a trace of being strangled by a woman's neck, and it seems that he died due to suffocation, so the police began an investigation as a murder case, and since he did not wear a license etc, he released a portrait and proceeded to identify himself. It was

As a result, it turned out that the woman was Mr. Chisato Hara (35), a specific project researcher at Kumamoto University who lives nearby.

According to the university, Mr. Nara*has belonged to the "Research Center for Human Retrovirology" at Kumamoto University since April, but he has not been able to contact him since 6th of this month. Is that.

The police are investigating whether there was a suspicious person near the scene, suspected to have been killed from the 5th to the next day of this month.

*Narahara no Hara has no points above "Sun"