Swedish diplomats, together with ambassadors from several other European countries, went to Svetlana Alexievitch's home in Minsk, after the author alerted about masked men and cars without license plates on the street outside.

"Alexeyevich contacted the Swedish embassy and friends in Sweden after she saw masked men approaching her home.

Immediately, among other things, Swedish diplomats went to her home to make sure that nothing happened to her ", writes Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S) in a comment to Kulturnyheternna.

"Do what we can"

The Swedish Embassy in Belarus has long had regular contact with Alexeyevich, and wants to show its support for the Coordination Council in which the author sits and which represents the political opposition in Belarus.

Ann Linde cannot answer the question of how long the Swedish diplomats will stay with Alexeyevich, but writes in a comment: "We will do what we can, as long as necessary, when it comes to safeguarding Alexeyevich's safety and security."