Tokyo Metropolitan “Monitoring Conference” Adjusting the warning level by one step 23:26, September 9

The "meeting meeting" in Tokyo, which analyzes and evaluates the infection status of new coronaviruses in Tokyo, is a meeting held on the 10th and is the most serious expression that was maintained for about two months out of four levels of caution. We are proceeding with the adjustment by lowering it by one step.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold a "Monitoring Meeting" on the 10th, and experts will analyze and evaluate the current infection situation and medical care system in Tokyo.

Of these, the infection status has been maintained for about two months since it was raised to the most serious expression of "suspiciously increasing infection" out of four warning levels on July 15. It was.

According to the people involved, in view of the recent situation in which the number of new infections is declining, the meeting held on the 10th said, “It seems that infections are expanding/I think it is necessary to be cautious about re-infection. We are making adjustments in the direction of lowering to the second expression from the top.

If the price is lowered, the city will ask the restaurants in the 23 wards to shorten the business hours by 10 pm, and we will announce the policy that it will be finished on the 15th of this month as scheduled, I heard the opinion of the expert I will make a final decision above.

"Summary comment"

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government conducts daily monitoring of seven items in total regarding "infection status" and "medical provision system", and gives "summary comments" to the four warning levels as analysis results by doctors and infectious disease specialists. I am announcing it once a week.

Of these, the “comprehensive comment” on “infection status” was added to the second and third levels from the top at the last week's monitoring meeting, calling for caution and caution regarding the re-spreading of infections.

At present, the most serious expressions are

▽ "Infection seems to be expanding" and the

second and later ▽ "I think infection is expanding / It is necessary to be cautious about re-infection. ",

▽" seems to be it is necessary to pay attention to the re-expansion of the seems / infection and there are signs of infection expansion ",

▽ has become a" increase of the infection the number of people appears to be only about constant " I will.

In addition, the “comprehensive comment” of “medical provision system” has been newly added to the third level from the top, and the most serious expression is

▽ “It seems that the system is under pressure” and the

second and subsequent ▽ “system "It seems necessary to strengthen", "

▽" It

seems that

preparation for strengthening the system is necessary/it is necessary to maintain the state of strengthening the system",

"" "It can be handled by the normal system I think."