Yusuke Iseya Suspected cannabis is about 40 times habitual use or September 9 4:37

It was found that the actor, Yusuke Iseya, was arrested for possessing cannabis at his home in Tokyo, and the cannabis confiscated was equivalent to about 40 times when converted into one usage.

Since several wrapping papers that seemed to be suction tools were also seized, the Metropolitan Police Department suspected that he was habitually using cannabis.

Actor Yusuke Iseya (44) was arrested on the evening of the 8th alleging that he had dried cannabis at his home in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Law.

The Metropolitan Police Department searched the room of a home apartment or the car for more than 6 hours and seized about 20 grams of cannabis in four bags, which was converted into a normal amount used once. I found that it was about 40 times.

In addition, several wrapping papers that seemed to be suction tools were confiscated from the area where hemp was found.

The Metropolitan Police Department has suspected that Isetani suspected that he was using cannabis regularly, and is investigating the acquisition route in detail.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Suspect Iseya has withheld his approval and disapproval by telling the investigation, "I will tell you when a lawyer comes."