The Rolling Stones will open their first store in central London on Wednesday, the British rock band announced on Tuesday during a special visit for the media.

The store, which is called RS No.9 and located on Carnaby Street, includes clothing for sale with the logo of The Rolling Stones.

Hits by the British band are also sold.

The shop also has a large video wall showing a film by 'The Stones'.

"Why open a store during a pandemic? You know, it's eternal optimism," said lead singer Mick Jagger.

"We could have postponed it until next year, but people will be curious and will be on the road a bit more."

Jagger says The Rolling Stones deliberately chose a store on Carnaby Street.

"We worked and rehearsed in this neighborhood and also had the habit of eating there."

The Rolling Stones are still active.

In July, the band, which was formed in 1962, released the single



The song was already recorded in 1974 with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.