Katy Perry has made many recordings over the past three years during her tours and her private life.

She plans to release a documentary film of this, the singer tells

The Daily Star.

35-year-old Perry has been recording since her album

Witness was released

in 2017.

"The more time passes, the juicier the story gets," says the singer.



period in my life is just one chapter of a big book that has yet to end."

According to Perry, "five chapters" have now been created.

"I think there will be about eight, nine, ten. I have great material - I'm always documenting my activities."

Perry was inspired for her as yet untitled project by colleague Taylor Swift, who

made a similar documentary


Miss Americana


"It made a big impression on me," says the singer, who is engaged to Orlando Bloom and recently gave birth to daughter Daisy.

"She also documented all kinds of material for a longer period of time."

It is not the first documentary about Perry to be released.

In 2012 was

Katy Perry: Part of Me


It includes images from her youth and how she deals with her divorce from her then husband Russell Brand.