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The public audiovisual media are launching a major citizen consultation on Monday to gauge the expectations of French women and men and strengthen dialogue with them, with an expanded device compared to a previous operation carried out in 2018. Almost all companies of the public audiovisual sector participate in this process: France Télévisions and Radio France (already at the origin of the large consultation two years ago), joined France Médias Monde (RFI, France 24…), TV5MONDE and the 'National Audiovisual Institute (INA).

This participatory consultation will be carried out with the OpinionWay institute, specifies a press release published on Monday.

Citizens are invited to participate via the site

The results will be announced at the end of 2020.

Very open questions

The questions asked in this new consultation cover a wide spectrum and are voluntarily very open, such as for example sharing your "best discovery on radio, television, on the Internet", giving your opinion on audiovisual offers public during the lockdown, or floor on the role of public media "in society over the next few years".

And thematic questions aim to identify expectations in terms of information, proximity, education, diversity, but also sport, youth, fiction, entertainment ...

Two years ago, the citizens consulted by France Télévisions and Radio France voted for priority to be given to the investigation and the fight against false information.

They had also wanted greater diversity on the air, in terms of culture, opinions, social and geographic origin, age and gender.


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