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  [Explanation] On the morning of September 6, outside the Jianong Gate of Xinfadi Market in Beijing, as trucks full of various vegetables entered the market one after another, the area north of Xinfadi Market Railway officially opened for business.

So far, the Xinfadi market has fully resumed.

  According to reports, on the day the market resumed, 2,118 vehicles and 29,000 tons of fruits and vegetables entered the market.

The supply has increased by 6000 tons from yesterday (23,000 tons), returning to 80% of the previous supply level.

  [Concurrent] Gu Zhaoxue, Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing Xinfadi Market

  The number of vehicles reserved for entering the market today is 2,118, and the number of vehicles that have entered the market is 29,000 tons.

There are more and richer varieties on the market, with 46 varieties of vegetables and 38 varieties of fruits.

The increase in the number of listings directly affected the decline in vegetable prices. The weighted average price of vegetables dropped by 9.51% compared to yesterday (September 5).

I predict that before September 20th, our listing volume and trading volume will surely return to the normal level of the same period in previous years.

  [Explanation] In the Xinfadi market, vendors have prepared enough supplies for the full resumption of the market.

They are full of confidence in sales after the market resumes.

  【Concurrent】Fruit wholesaler

  I sell imported fruits. I stopped for more than two months (during the epidemic).

400 shipments were sold today.

Have confidence in the (future) sales recovery, believe in yourself, and believe in Xinfadi.

  【Concurrent】Fruit wholesaler

  After the market is fully restored, our sales will increase further. Today we sold almost 1,000 pieces.

After more than two months of market closure, everyone actually knows what Xinfadi’s merchants have experienced.

We can also be regarded as adherents of the market, and I firmly believe that the market will (recover) prosperity.

  [Concurrent] Vegetable Buyer

  I'm very happy. It's easy to get the goods here, and the price here is relatively stable.

  [Explanation] It is understood that after the comprehensive resumption of the market, Xinfadi adheres to the wholesale nature and implements "separation of wholesale and retail".

In order to facilitate the lives of the surrounding residents, Xinfadi Market has set up a convenient vegetable market outside the trading area. The first phase of the main staple food of vegetables, fruits, grains and oils has opened at the end of July.

A few days ago, the second-phase convenient meat market has also been put into use.

  [Concurrent] Gu Zhaoxue, Executive Deputy General Manager of Beijing Xinfadi Market

  Pork, beef, mutton, white striped chicken, and meat are the main products. Together with the second phase, the total area is nearly 1,600 square meters, which can basically meet the daily necessities of the surrounding consumers and ordinary people.

The characteristics are convenience and cheapness. The price inside will not exceed 10% on a wholesale basis.

  [Concurrent] Vendor in Xinfadi Convenient Vegetable Market

  Our market has always been doing special offers, like this front and back ribs, they are all specials.

Sales have been overcrowded for the past two days.

The nearby residents agree with this (convenient vegetable market) and are very satisfied.

  [Concurrent] People

  It's pretty good, it's very convenient, and it's complete. It's really cheaper to buy meat here.

I'm happy when I reopened

  [Explanation] It is reported that there were 164 vegetable basket through trains in the market, responsible for the supply of more than 300 communities in the city. It has recovered nearly 50% and the rest is gradually recovering; the original 77 convenient vegetable stores have all resumed operations. .

  Wang Shibo Report from Beijing

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