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BTS just broke a record with their hit


, and they want to thank their fans for making this possible.

Indeed, their last single, a real disco-pop bomb, rose to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. A first for the K-pop group, but not only.

This is the first international group to win in the top ranking of the American charts.

A success which the artists congratulated themselves on during a press conference relayed by USA Today.

“I'm really happy and excited to see that our sincerity has spoken to people,” said J-Hope still amazed.

It's the energy we get from our fans that keeps us going.


Record after record

The day the


clip was uploaded

, August 21, BTS was already breaking a record.

Indeed, the video was the most viewed in the first 24 hours of its broadcast in the history of YouTube with no less than 98.3 million views!

But nothing to impress the boy band who had already broken this record previously with

Boy With Luv


A disappointment, on the other hand, for their rivals, the Blackpink, who had broken the same record a few months before with the video for

How You Like That



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