Panama Ship Cargo Ship Distress Rescue Male "Engine Stop Sheep Wave Overturn" 13:50 September 3

About a Panama-registered cargo ship in distress while sailing off the coast of Amami Oshima in Kagoshima prefecture on the 2nd, after a rescued man listened to the 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters on the night of the 2nd, the cargo ship's engine stopped , I found that I was talking about being overwhelmed by a transverse wave.

The Panama-registered freighter "GULF LIVESTOCK 1" issued a distress signal while navigating about 185 km west of Amami Oshima, where typhoon 9 was approaching, at dawn on the 2nd.

According to the Japan Coast Guard Headquarters, after a search, it was past 10 pm on the 2nd, and a patrol boat found a man drifting in a lifejacket about 120 km northwest of Amami Oshima and rescued one hour later. did.

The man, a Filipino chief officer who sent a distress signal, was taken to a hospital in Amami Oshima, and his life had no special circumstances.

According to the Japan Coast Guard, the man told me that the cargo ship had overturned due to a transverse wave after one engine stopped and it was unable to navigate.

Also, when capsized, the man put on a life jacket and jumped into the sea as instructed by the onboard broadcast, after which the cargo ship sank and no other crew members were seen.

In addition, it is estimated that 42 people, 38 Filipinos, 2 New Zealanders, and 2 Australians, were onboard the freighter, so the Coast Guard Headquarters sent out patrol boats and aircraft to search. I continue.