An internationally arranged man in an incident 17 years ago reportedly arrested in South Africa where he fled, September 4, 6:38

Seventeen years ago, a 46-year-old man who had been internationally arranged had reportedly said that he had run out of money in South Africa, where he had escaped, in a case where a severed body of a man was found in Okutama, Tokyo, etc. I understand.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested for suspicion of imprisonment and will investigate the murder charges in the future.

Seventeen years ago, in October 2003, a disconnected body of a former restaurant employee, Shinya Furukawa (26), was found in Okutama Town, Tokyo, etc., and seven men and women were subsequently arrested for murder.

The Metropolitan Police Department had made an international warrant for the suspect Susumu Kamiya (46) who fled to South Africa on suspicion of murder, but he appeared at the Japanese Embassy in Japan last month.

Suspect Kamiya returned to Japan on the 3rd, and the Metropolitan Police Department arrested him on suspicion of imprisonment after checking to see if he was infected with the new coronavirus.

According to a person involved in the investigation, when he appeared, he said, "I have run out of money. I want to go back to Japan."

A 48-year-old man suspected of leading the case is also believed to have fled to South Africa, and the Metropolitan Police Department is in the process of confirming its whereabouts.