The city of Portland, Oregon, continues to fight for the title of capital of American protest, leaving far behind the bohemian-hippie Seattle and even Minneapolis itself, where three months ago fell under the knee of a police officer George Floyd, an icon of the BLM movement.

Portland is not quite a typical city for modern America - it is sometimes called "one of the last bastions of the white race in the United States."

Indeed, there are not so many minorities here - much less than in other cities on the West Coast.

But white radical groups are very active - both the ultra-right and the antifa.

Portland has everything you need for this: despite the fact that it is considered one of the greenest American cities, there are many factories and factories, a huge cargo port, as well as the largest number of breweries per capita in the world (which is why it is called not only the City of Roses, but also the City of Beer).

And Portland also has more strip clubs and massage parlors than Las Vegas or San Francisco - it's no coincidence that writer Chuck Palahniuk once called the city "Pornland".

And, of course, Portland, like most American cities in the Pacific, has a consistent Democratic vote.

For more than 90 consecutive nights, the streets of Portland have turned into an arena of clashes between protesters under the slogan BLM (by virtue of these characteristics, among them are predominantly white from the antifa movement) and the police.

It was in Portland that the police used tear gas against protesters for almost the first time in the current racial war.

The gas was sanctioned by Portland's most liberal mayor, Teddy Wheeler, and was immediately nicknamed Tear Teddy.

After that, the mayor began to rapidly lose popularity.

Wheeler was not even helped by the fact that he strongly opposed President Trump's decision to send agents of the Department of Homeland Security to Portland.

A crowd of protesters, to which Wheeler came out to announce his uncompromising struggle against the monster that had lodged in the White House, booed him, chanting "Quit your job!"

and even worse.

To top it off, the mayor himself fell into a cloud of tear gas sprayed by police officers and left the square in tears (as they write in such cases in social networks, he was overtaken by "instant karma").

All this, however, is prehistory.

And the story itself began last Saturday.

In the neighboring Portland Clackamas County, a large group of Donald Trump supporters are planning a car rally in support of the president.

About 600 cars (mostly pickups) with American flags, flags with the slogan “Trump 2020.

Keep America Great! ”, As well as flags with a thin blue line (the emblem of the Blue Lives Matter movement, supporting the police), moved to downtown Portland.

The race was organized by the Patriot Prayer movement, founded by Joey Gibson.

The well-known Portland journalist Andy Ngo (the same one I wrote about the beating up by the Antifa in the column "Portland Cement" a year ago) called this organization "the extreme right movement", but Gibson himself defines the goals of Partiot Prayer as "the fight against corruption, Big government and tyranny ”, which, rather, suggests anarchists and libertarians.

For example, the organization's website is adorned with a quote attributed to Thomas Payne: "The duty of a true patriot is to defend his country from the government."

This, however, does not prevent Patriot Prayer from consistently supporting President Trump's policies since 2017.

Gibson is also known as a fighter for the right of drinking establishments to sell alcohol during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Saturday action just started as a demonstration in defense of one of these establishments - the Tip-Top tavern.

And it should have turned into a Sunday "picnic of freedom" on the Columbia River.

But something went wrong.

In Portland, a caravan of Trumpists was met by detachments of protesters - bridges and some central streets were blocked.

Stones, bottles, balls from bearings flew into the trucks.

Although Joey Gibson claimed that his main weapon was "love and prayer," the participants in the rally were armed with paintball guns and tear gas cans.

In addition to the Patriot Prayer, the caravan included seasoned fighters from the Proud Boys and Three Percenters, who repeatedly fought off the Antifa.

But one of the vehicles that had lagged behind the caravan was blocked on a dark Portland street.

And then paintball weapons were not used.

All the details of what happened have yet to be restored.

But one of the participants in the Trumpist caravan was captured by the protesters and shouted "We caught the Trumpist!"

killed by a pistol shot in the chest. 

The fatal circumstance for Danielson was that he was wearing a MAGA baseball cap - "Make America Great Again".

And then delirium began.

Antifa immediately announced that the victim was one of them and that the "fascists" killed him.

This information was the first to hit social networks, and only half an hour later it was refuted by Andy Ngo, who is rightfully considered the best expert on radical groups in Portland.

Immediately after it became known that the murdered man was a supporter of Trump, the liberal media, which had already begun to spin the flywheel of hysteria, shut up, as if they had been gagged.

Throughout the weekend, not even the name of the deceased was released, despite the fact that Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson immediately announced that Aaron J. Bishop Danielson was killed.

Nothing was reported about the alleged killer either.

Only by Monday and only on local sites did it appear that the shooting was most likely 48-year-old Michael Forest Reynol, a former professional snowboarder and now a construction worker.

The users of the popular imageboard 4Chan helped to identify him, and later his sister also confirmed Reynol's involvement in Danielson's murder.

“Every revolution needs people who want to fight and are ready for it,” Reynol wrote on Instagram a couple of months before Danielson's assassination.

- Many of us, protesters, are simply protesting, not knowing where this will lead.

This is just the beginning, this is where the struggle begins.

If so, thanks for your participation, but please step aside and support those who are willing to fight.

I am 100% ANTIFA!

I am ready to fight for my brothers and sisters! .. We do not want violence, but we also don’t run away from it! .. " 

In the midst of protests this summer, Reynol was already detained by the police: a loaded Glock pistol, "unidentified pills" and marijuana were found in his car.

An additional piquant touch was the fact that in this car, Reynol and his children (17 and 11 years old) participated in night races on the streets of Portland.

The stoned and armed street racer was nevertheless released, and a month later, when he was due to appear in court, all charges against him were magically dropped by the prosecutor's office.

Reynol is now on the run, and it can be assumed that the Oregon police are not actively looking for him.

Both for the liberal media and for the democratic authorities of Portland, this whole story with the murder of an unarmed (Danielson did not even have a pepper spray with him) Trumpist "class close" to them antifa is very unprofitable.

Whether it is the case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, a member of the self-organized city militia that defended the city from vandals and marauders, shot two BLM men who attacked him (both, incidentally, were white) with a rifle.

This event was literally chewed up in seconds by all the main media in the country, starting with CNN.

But notice how the accents are set!

The video from Kenosha clearly shows how several people run after the plump and not too athletic Rittenhouse, how they catch up with him and, when he falls, try to hammer with a skateboard and take away their weapons.

And this is how it looks in the retelling of CNN: “When Huber (one of the attackers -


) approaches the accused, it seems that he is reaching for the weapon of the accused with his left hand, as the skateboard comes into contact with the left shoulder of the accused ... rolls to the left, and as Huber appears to be trying to get hold of the weapon, the weapon is aimed at Huber's hull.

The defendant then fires one shot.

Huber staggers back a few steps, then falls to the ground. 

Read again: "... the skateboard makes contact with the defendant's left shoulder."

You can imagine how these feather sharks would describe the murder of Danielson in Portland, if, of course, the ban on coverage of this story is lifted: the blame, of course, will not be the antifa who has gone mad, but the unarmed trumpist who dared to wear a MAGA baseball cap ...

The president himself has already managed to express his attitude to the tragedy in Portland and to the incident in Kenosha.

On August 31, the president retweeted an obituary to Danielson (known to associates as Jay Bishop) with the words "Rest in peace, Jay!" 

Earlier, at a press conference at the White House, Trump told reporters that if Rittenhouse had not defended, “he would have been in serious trouble.

He would probably have been killed. "

What happened in Portland proves the truth of these words.

The mayor of Portland, the same Teddy Teddy Wheeler, immediately found the culprit in what had happened: it turned out, of course, the president.

“It was you who created hatred and division!

Wheeler said at a press conference.

- The tragedy of last night must not be repeated!

Let's stop the violence!

Let's do that!

We need a reboot, the president needs a reboot, I need a reboot, this community needs a reboot, America needs a reboot!

It doesn't matter who you are or what your policy is.

We must all stop the violence! "

According to the same methodology, Oregon Governor Kate Brown accused Trump of the tragedy in Portland, who said that the president "encourages division and incites violence."

“It happened in Kenosha.

And now, unfortunately, this is happening in Portland, Oregon ... Currently, with Donald Trump in office, no one is safe, ”said Brown.

But the most disgusting in this story is not even the hypocritical silence of the liberal media about the murder of Danielson and not an attempt to blame Trump for everything that happened, but the reaction to this massacre among the protesters in Portland.

Retired Marine Gabriel Johnson was watching television in his apartment Saturday night when gunfire began outside.

“Well, I knew right away that this wasn’t fireworks because I know how shots sounded,” Johnson told Fox News.

"And then I also got a text message from a friend from the police who said there was a shootout four blocks from my house."

Not being a timid man, the former Marine went outside to see what happened near his home.

“And I would be shocked that all these people on the street were celebrating,” Johnson said.

"They specifically emphasized that they are not at all sad that a fascist Nazi was killed that night." 

And this is really scary.

When the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed man, guilty only of wearing a baseball cap of the wrong color, arouses the joy of the crowd and becomes a reason for the celebration - this is a sign of a deep and, perhaps, already incurable disease of society.

The blame for this disease, of course, is the liberal media, which, during the four years of Trump's presidency, convinced their audience that an enemy of the nation, an enemy of freedom and, in general, the devil with horns has settled in the White House.

Their main goal was to prevent Trump from being re-elected, but it seems that a completely different goal has actually been achieved.

The media unleashed a real civil war, and even if it is still going on only in individual cities, all the prerequisites for its transition to the global phase have already been created.

All that is needed is a pretext, for example, non-recognition of the November 3 election results by the losing party.

In the meantime, the murder of Danielson gives Trump the opportunity to demonstrate to the whole country that he is the real president of law and order.

One of his last tweets, posted on August 31, explicitly warns the Democrats behind the protests: “Portland is a mess, and it has been for years.

If this parody of the mayor does not put things in order, we will come and do it for him. "

It seems that this is not an empty threat.

The author's point of view may not coincide with the position of the editorial board.