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is one of the best records on the Billboard that BTS took the first place on the Billboard main singles chart in the first week of release.

They broke the last wall, made history, and praises are pouring.

Reporter Kim Soo-hyun pointed out what this record means and how much the BTS craze continues.

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these days, where digital music is consumed and people enjoy music by song rather than album, Billboard Main Single Chart Hot 100, a fierce battleground for popular songs, is the core chart of Billboard.

Thanks to their solid fandom, BTS has already topped the album chart four times, and the Hot 100 chart has been steadily increasing its ranking since it first entered DNA in 2017, and quickly reached the top with the explosive popularity of dynamite.

In the first week of its release, only 42 songs ranked first in the Hot 100 throughout the history of Billboard.

[Kim Yun-ha/pop music critic: (#1 in Hot 100) has a symbolic meaning, so until now, BTS was popular in the US market and was active as the mainstream, but it has risen one step further than before...

.] The

digital single Dynamite released separately from the regular album is BTS' first English song.

The message of hope was put in a bright and cheerful disco pop, and it became familiar to the general public beyond fandom.

Although a lot of weight is in determining the single chart ranking, it has been broadcast more than 10 million times on local radio in the United States, which has had a high wall.

[Jin/BTS (Last 21st, Online Press Conference): After recording in English, I felt a different atmosphere from the songs we previously worked on, so I thought I wanted to show a new image.]

[V/ BTS (Today, Hot 100's #1 impression video): Thanks to all of you ARMYs, another dream of BTS has come


.] BTS,

who delivered a greeting of joy and emotion, saying that the dream has become a reality, is the online media tomorrow (2nd). Meet global fans through this day event.

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