Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Lebanon -


Visiting Lebanon, Emmanuel Macron - who held a press conference on Tuesday evening - spoke on the eve of the opening of the trial of the January 2015 attacks, that of 

Charlie Hebdo

and Hyper Kosher.

“Tomorrow we will all have a thought for the women and men who were cowardly slaughtered, because they drew, because they wrote, because they corrected, because they were there to deliver, to help, because that they were police officers… That's what happened that day ”.

And to add: "And so beyond the trial which will begin tomorrow, and I do not have to express myself on this point as president, we will have a thought for all those and those who will have fallen".

During the same press conference, Emmanuel Macron again defended “the freedom to blaspheme” in France regarding the republication by Charlie Hebdo of the cartoons of Mohammed.


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