Koert Westerman apologizes for his sexist comments during his live report of the match between Jong PSV and Excelsior on FOX Sports. The sports commentator spoke about the appearance of the female club doctor and went through the dust on Twitter.

Club doctor Suzanne Huurman came onto the field to treat Kristófer Kristinsson from his injury. By statements like: "Or would he just like to be looked after by the handsome nurse? You have those players too." and "I just lie down, hoping that I can look her in the eye. And make my move after the game", the sports commentator got the full blast on twitter.

Annemarie Postma, sports journalist at Het Parool , took it up for Huurman on Twitter. "Suzanne Huurman is a club doctor at PSV, consultant at Real Madrid and has a CV in the medical world that many dream of. And then be put away by the commentator. In and in sad." According to Postma, women in the football world are always challenged in their factual knowledge. "And this guy gets away with a sexist comment that has nothing to do with his trade, let alone hers."

Westerman apologizes in a tweet. "Hi Annemarie, I just put on your glasses and I fully understand your reaction. I have known Suzanne for a while, but I understand that my comments really are no longer possible. If I have offended or angered people with that, here is my heartfelt excuses.


A female club doctor at Jong PSV. Koert Westerman has to get used to that ... 🤔

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