At about 2 pm on August 26, a large group of policemen from the Highway Management Detachment of the Traffic Police Corps of Guangxi Public Security Department investigated and dealt with a strange illegal act in the Yongfu service area of ​​Quannan Expressway. A Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle set off from Hezhou to Nanning. In a hurry, the driver used three sanitary napkins to cover the license plate and then speeded all the way. In addition to obscuring the number plate, the driver also committed a number of illegal acts such as speeding.

  At present, the driver is suspected of driving in slippers, speeding (17% speeding), parking in emergency lanes, and deliberately obstructing the number plate. He has been fined a number of concurrent fines. He was fined 600 yuan according to law, and 23 points were deducted from his driving license. . (Edited by Li Zhen, Chen Qiuxia, Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]