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The number of infections is close to 10,000 in one day. Specifically, the updated figures released this Thursday by the Health Ministry show 9,658 more confirmed cases since yesterday. The day before, 7,296 were registered. In this way, there are already 429,507 people who have been infected with coronavirus since the start of the pandemic in our country.

It should be remembered that the almost 10,000 infections include both the PCR tests carried out yesterday and the PCR carried out in previous days, but whose positive result has been made known in the last 24 hours. Regarding the infections with PCR yesterday, these are 3,781, 187 more than on Wednesday, the day on which 3,594 were notified. Most correspond to Madrid (979); followed by the Basque Country (636); and Andalusia (384).

The Health report has, on the other hand, counted 25 new deaths, so that the total of people who have lost their lives due to the virus in Spain rises to 28,996. However, this figure does not include deaths in residences or those who presented symptoms compatible with Covid-19, but who did not get to do the diagnostic test to confirm it. With a death date in the last week, 132 deaths have been reported .

Of these, 56 are located in Madrid, 14 in Andalusia and 11 in Valencia. Castilla y León reports nine; Galicia, eight; the Basque Country and Catalonia, seven; and the Canary Islands, five. In addition, the Balearic Islands, Castilla La Mancha and Murcia communicate three; Extremadura and La Rioja, two; and Asturias and Navarra, one. Aragon, Cantabria, Ceuta and Melilla have not added any deaths.

Regarding revenues, the official count has registered 1,607 in the last seven days, 93 more than on Wednesday, when 1,514 were reported. 880 patients have been hospitalized in the last 24 hours (the day before, 922). Madrid is the community that has reported the most hospitalizations in the last week (490); followed by Andalusia (230); Valencia (153); Castile and Leon (129); and the Canary Islands (106).

Likewise, 114 patients have been transferred to the ICU in the same period of time and 34 more have been registered since yesterday. In this way, there are already 12,206 patients with coronavirus who have required this hospital unit since the start of the pandemic. On the other hand, 644 people have been discharged in the last day.

Double ICU admissions

The 114 admissions to the ICU that the official report revealed today is a figure that doubles the one provided two weeks ago: specifically, between August 6 and 13, Health registered 51 transfers to this unit. Therefore, while 14 days ago the average admissions to the ICU was slightly more than seven patients a day, today these amount to 16 a day.

Regarding the healthcare capacity of hospitals to cover Covid admissions, the report notifies that, on average, the current percentage of occupied beds is 5% (yesterday 5.5%). Madrid and Aragón are the communities with the highest occupation, with 13%; followed by the Basque Country, with 10%.

At the European level, Spain continues to be the second European country with the most infections since the beginning of the pandemic (429,507), only behind Russia (970,865). Likewise, the United Kingdom and Italy follow, with 328,846 and 262,540, respectively. The country with the highest number of deaths continues to be the United Kingdom (41,465), followed by Italy (35,458) and France (30,544).

In addition, Spain continues to lead the large European countries with the highest cumulative incidence (AI) of the virus, with 183 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days (on Tuesday 176). This is more than twice that of the second country with the most AI: Romania, which, unlike Spain, is progressively decreasing the incidence of the virus in the country (71.3). It is followed by France (66), a nation in which this figure is also increasing worryingly (66); and Belgium (59.4), which "has consolidated its data and eliminated 118 records of deaths," according to the Health report.

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