Domestic flights at Narita Airport: Due to re-infection spread, LCC again reduced flights 18:30 on August 27th

For Narita Airport domestic flights, reservations that were on a recovery trend due to relaxation of domestic travel restrictions, etc., have declined again due to the spread of infection again, and LCC = cheap airlines have reduced flights one after another, etc. Operation continues while watching the infection status and air demand.

According to the Narita Airport company, after the relaxation of domestic travel restrictions, airlines gradually resumed domestic flight operations, etc., resulting in the number of domestic passengers at Narita Airport in July reaching more than 193,000, last year. Although it was only about 30% in July, it recovered to nearly three times that of the previous month.

However, due to the spread of infection again, reservations dropped after the Bon Festival, and LCC = cheap airline companies continued to reduce flights, etc., while operating while watching the infection situation and air demand.

In addition, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways is currently arrive and depart Narita, is that all of the domestic flights have been suspended service, the prospect of a full-fledged operations resume does not stand.

On the other hand, while the restrictions on entry by each country continued, the number of international passengers at Narita Airport in July was over 98,600, which was only 3% of the number in July of last year.

Akihiko Tamura, President of Narita Airport Company, said, "The situation of the spread of infection depends on everything. We believe that once the infection has subsided, the number of passengers and the number of flights will certainly increase."