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In Rennes, smoking a joint in the street is now punishable by a fine of 150 euros, and even 450 euros in the event of an increase. Since June 16, the Breton capital has been experimenting with the fixed tort fine for the use of narcotics with four other cities in France (Créteil, Reims as well as Marseille and Lille since July 16). And the first plums were quick to fall. As of August 26, 172 verbalizations had thus been made in the Rennes jurisdiction and 545 at the national level.

In the Breton capital, 97 fines were noted in the police zone and 75 in the gendarmerie zone; "166 related to cannabis and seven to cocaine", said in a statement Philippe Astruc, public prosecutor of Rennes. These two substances are "the two currently eligible within the framework of the experiment, within the local limit of 10 grams for cocaine and 50 grams for cannabis", specified Philippe Astruc.

A tool to "tackle demand" and "empower the user"

With this new tool, which will be rolled out across the country in September, the authorities intend to "tackle demand while the fight against drugs has so far been mainly devoted to supply", indicated the public prosecutor of Rennes at the time of the launch of the experiment. According to him, this fixed fine should make it possible to “make the user responsible”.

"It is the customers who make these Mafia-type businesses prosper and this has an impact on the quality of life in certain neighborhoods," he continued, citing as an example the neighborhoods of Villejean or Blosne in Rennes which were the scene of several settling of scores between traffickers in recent months. "Eight of these ten cases have already been clarified and several networks dismantled," said the prosecutor, adding that 21 people had been indicted and 15 imprisoned.


A fixed fine of 200 euros for drug possession will be effective from the start of the school year


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