[Explanation] On August 26, Xi'an Bell Tower, which was repaired for more than 70 days, resumed its opening to the outside world. It is reported that this repair is the sixth repair from 1949 to the present, mainly repairing the bell tower roof, roof, cornice, flying rafters, watch boards, corner posts, etc.

  Xi’an Bell Tower is located in the center of Xi’an, at the intersection of the east, west, south and north streets within the city wall. It is one of the largest existing bell towers in China, the oldest in construction, and the best-preserved. It was built in the 17th year of Ming Taizu Hongwu (1384), and more than 600 years have passed. This ancient building still reveals a solemn and gorgeous atmosphere.

  Due to long-term exposure to wind and sun, rain and dust accumulation and human factors, Xi’an Bell Tower has seen rainwater leakage on the roof of the tile roof. The rafters are expected to be partially damaged and decayed. Peeling and other diseases. In order to enable the Bell Tower cultural relics to "cure illness and prolong life", Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Museum closed for renovation on June 10, 2020.

  [Concurrent] Wang Lei, Director of Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Museum

  During the maintenance process, we follow the principle of cultural relic maintenance, which is to minimize intervention, which is to repair the old as before. Therefore, for the three-layered eaves, the glazed tiles were dismantled and intact. We kept the number and used the original position. Then, for the broken and damaged ones, we developed new tiles according to the same specifications. Glazed tiles are then restored to its original state. All the craftsmanship are done in accordance with traditional craftsmanship.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the most difficult part of the repair process is to repair Baoding. Baodingtong is 1.86 meters high, with a maximum width of 1.35 meters, plus the Xumi seat, the total height is 4.53 meters, and a ladder needs to be built when repairing.

  [Concurrent] Wang Lei, Director of Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Museum

  This time the golden roof is the focus of our maintenance, and our golden roof, it is a wooden tire, that is, the whole is a wooden core. The copper skin is wrapped on the outside of the wooden core, and the copper skin is then scraped and putty to smooth it. Brush the gold glue oil on the outside again. After brushing the gold glue oil, the gold glue oil is actually a kind of adhesive, and then put the gold foil on it. This time, the total amount of gold used is 70 grams. The gold leaf of this leaf is 3800 pieces.

  [Explanation] During the renovation, the Bell Tower Museum in Xi'an also upgraded the basic display and exhibition of the Bell Tower. The upgraded basic display and exhibition will be displayed in a more comprehensive, vivid and detailed manner to better satisfy the audience. At the same time, through this renovation, Xi’an Bell Tower will regain its brilliance and better show Xi’an’s strong historical and cultural heritage.

  Mei Yi Taki Tang Sejin Report from Xi'an

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