Pedestrians running lights, non-motorized vehicles going backwards and other phenomena still occur frequently

  The reporter's visit found that violators were lucky; experts: multiple and malicious violators should be dealt with seriously, and road planning needs to be optimized.

  Non-motorized vehicles are running retrograde and pedestrians running red lights. Various uncivilized phenomena are affecting road traffic. In August, reporters from the Beijing News visited many intersections in Beijing and found that uncivilized phenomena such as running red lights are more common. Similar behaviors threaten the safety of pedestrians on the one hand, and aggravate the already very congested traffic on the other. Article 18 of the "Beijing Municipal Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations" officially implemented on June 1, 2020 clearly stipulates that in maintaining traffic safety and order, citizens should follow road signs, markings, and traffic lights. In response to pedestrians violating traffic laws and regulations, road traffic laws and regulations stipulate "a warning or a fine of not less than five yuan and not more than fifty yuan", but there are few penalties in the actual implementation process. Experts said that for road sections where traffic violations frequently occur, consideration should be given to the planning of the road itself, while pedestrians and non-motor vehicle drivers who have repeatedly and maliciously violated the road traffic safety law need to be dealt with seriously.

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  Guomao Bridge: Pedestrians cross the road without looking at the traffic lights

  The change time of the traffic lights under the International Trade Bridge has long been criticized. On the evening of August 3, a reporter from the Beijing News found on the spot that the Guomao Bridge crosswalk was waiting for a red light from north to south for about 3 minutes. Some citizens directly chose to ignore the traffic lights and walk through.

  At about 6 p.m., a reporter from the Beijing News found on the scene that there were cyclists who did not slow down at the intersection of the Guomao Bridge from the south to the north and the sidewalk traffic lights were still red. They directly chose the two slow-moving vehicles. Pass through the intersection between.

  Ms. Zhang, who works in the CBD of China World Trade Center, told reporters from Beijing News that at the rush hour after get off work at 6 o'clock every night, the traffic here is extremely chaotic. Ms. Zhang described that traffic jams often occur in this area, sometimes due to congestion in the Dawangqiao area on the east side, and continue to the Guomao Bridge.

  "Sometimes it is the traffic congestion caused by pedestrians crossing the road forcibly without observing the traffic lights, especially if a pedestrian chooses to cross, then some pedestrians waiting behind will also choose to flock." Ms. Zhang said.

  Mr. Wang, who frequently travels between China World Trade Center and Dabeiyao South Bus Station, told the Beijing News reporter that Dabeiyao South Bus Station, as a bus distribution center under the Guomao Bridge, has a very large daily flow of people, especially in the evening when it is off work. It is often blocked by the traffic lights under the Guomao Bridge on the north side of the bridge.

  Mr. Wang said that although the motor vehicle lane is green, some pedestrians will choose to cross the zebra crossing due to traffic jams ahead and when the motor vehicle is blocked at the intersection, "this way the road becomes more congested and the traffic enters a vicious circle."

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  West Dawanglu: A large number of non-motorized vehicles are retrograde

  On the evening of the 3rd, a reporter from the Beijing News arrived at the intersection of Xidawang Road on the east side of Guomao Bridge and found that the traffic here is more chaotic than that of Guomao Bridge-some electric vehicles are interspersed in the flow of motor vehicles, and there are a large number of non-motorized vehicles. Bicycles and electric vehicles are retrograde, and there are even pedestrians dragging suitcases on non-motorized lanes.

  Within half an hour of the Beijing News reporter’s observation here, the traffic situation at the intersection has not been improved. Motor vehicles pass slowly at the intersection, and non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians even cross the motor vehicle lane, passing straight from the northwest side of the Xidawang intersection to the intersection. Southeast.

  A reporter from the Beijing News found on the spot that a large number of shared bicycles were still piled up at the crosswalk on the northwest side of Xidawang Road, making the intersection even narrower. Pedestrians waiting for the traffic lights here are crowded onto the non-motorized vehicle lane due to the large traffic volume.

  A private car owner complained to a reporter from the Beijing News that non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians at the intersection did not follow the traffic lights as the norm. In order to avoid accidents, every time he drove to the intersection, he slowed down. "However, In this way, more pedestrians choose to pass in front of the car." The owner said that he would spend more than ten minutes at the intersection every evening during rush hours.

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  Bicycle road: illegal break in of electric bicycles

  When an electric vehicle broke into the card, the security personnel notified the staff at Xiayikou to intercept. On the afternoon of August 4, this kind of scene that would only appear in a police film appeared at the entrance of the intersection of Longyu Ring Road and Longyu Middle Street on Beijing Bicycle Road. Security personnel reported the situation to the central control room and the patrol captain through the walkie-talkie. , To intercept electric vehicles that break into the bicycle lane in violation of regulations.

  A reporter from the Beijing News visited the subway station area on a bicycle-dedicated road and found that two staff in orange vests were on duty at each entrance and exit, monitoring the road conditions of each section of the road in real time, and prohibiting vehicles other than bicycles or pedestrians from entering the dedicated road.

  According to Wang Xi, the Bicycle Road Management Center of the Urban Management Committee of Changping District, the bicycle road spans the Beijing-Tibet Expressway and the Jingxin Expressway. If pedestrians and electric vehicle owners try to cross the two highways, they need to detour farther. Distance, some electric vehicle owners will choose to try to reach their destination through the bicycle lane.

  Because the speed of the electric car itself is relatively fast, and when driving at high speed, if it is blocked forcibly, it is easy to cause injury to both parties. Based on personal safety considerations, the security personnel guarding at the intersection will cooperate with the central control room to intercept the intruder at a reasonable location and move it out.

  Regarding the current bicycle lane management mode, Wang Xi introduced that the bicycle lane is equipped with 48 image acquisition systems and 30 cameras with facial recognition functions, which will feed back the information and driving trajectory of the offenders to the central control room in real time. In the appropriate position, relevant security personnel will intercept the intruder.

  For citizens who have broken into bicycle lanes repeatedly, their personal information will be carried out on the double-sided large screens at the beginning of the bicycle lane, the middle point of the bicycle lane at Longze subway station, and the junction of the bicycle lane and Haidian District. Display, follow-up may be linked to the personal credit system.

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  Experts: The road itself should be planned while being punished

  According to the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, pedestrians, occupants, and non-motorized vehicle drivers who violate the relevant road traffic regulations will be "warned or fined not less than RMB 5 and not more than 50 yuan; non-motorized vehicle drivers who refuse to accept the fine," The non-motor vehicle can be detained."

  Huang Jialiang, a researcher at the National Institute of Development and Strategy Research at Renmin University of China and deputy dean of the School of Social and Demography at Renmin University of China, said that for road sections where traffic violations frequently occur, consideration should be given to road planning issues, such as whether motorized lanes occupy non-motorized lanes, Whether the waiting time for sidewalk traffic lights is too long, etc.

  Huang Jialiang believes that pedestrians and non-motor vehicle drivers who have repeatedly and maliciously violated the Road Traffic Safety Law should be dealt with seriously. "Whether it is pedestrians huddling and running through red lights, or non-motorized vehicles going retrograde, running red lights or entering motorized lanes, they all belong to the psychology of conformity," Huang Jialiang said.

  Huang Jialiang said that in addition to imposing corresponding penalties for uncivilized behaviors, it is also necessary to make a rational analysis of residents' uncivilized behaviors, and try to make urban travel plans more convenient for the people, so that residents do not have to choose illegal travel due to travel difficulties.

  Writing/Beijing News reporter Ma Mingren, intern Bo Qiyu