For the first time, the TF1 channel broadcasts the multi-award-winning American series "Big Little Lies" on Tuesday at 9:05 pm, notably carried by Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. For Xavier Gandon, director of TV and digital antennas of the TF1 group, invited Tuesday on Europe 1, the programming of this series aims to attract young people, in the same way as Koh-Lanta or The Resident. 


From Tuesday evening, the TF1 channel broadcasts season 1 of the American series Big Little Lies , played by Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern. On Europe 1 Tuesday, Xavier Gandon, director of the TV and digital antennas of the TF1 group, explained how the channel relied on this type of series to attract young people, who are turning more and more to television. 

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The Big Little Lies series , broadcast in 2017 on HBO in the United States and on OCS in France, is "one of the best series produced in recent years", rejoices Xavier Gandon. The story takes place on the California coast, in the upscale town of Monterey. Several women will find themselves linked after a tragedy at a party. One person died but his identity is unknown. Who is responsible ? From this question, a drama unfolds, revealing the flaws and vices of each of the characters.

A thriller close to Desperate Housewives

Xavier Gandon describes the series as a "thriller" taking place "in a community inhabited by people who are quite rich and well-off". Big Little Lies is thus similar to the American series Desperate Housewives and the novel  The Truth about the Harry Québert affair by Joël Dicker. 

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Why did the TF1 channel choose to broadcast this series, which was released in 2017? For its quality, answers Xavier Gandon. Because Big Little Lies has "a cast of stars as we are used to seeing in the cinema," says Xavier Gandon. 

The chain is also seeking to consolidate its progress among young people, which was particularly strengthened during confinement. "The 15-35 are watching more and more TV programs," says Xavier Gandon. But TF1 must adapt to this particular audience. Young people do not necessarily watch their favorite programs "the TV screen but on their tablet or mobile phone screen", he says. 

In competition with broadcasting platforms such as Netflix or OCS, TF1 is trying to pull out the game. According to Xavier Gandon, "the volume effect" "on SVOD" (video on demand) platforms "perhaps causes" a small little less quality today "in terms of programs. For this reason, "finally, viewers come back to watch  Koh-Lanta and series like Big Little Lies and The Resident ", raises the director of the TF1 group's TV and digital antennas.