Host Cyril Hanouna looks back in detail on his TV re-entry and the new features of his three shows "Balance your post!", "Don't touch my post!" and “Take it or leave it”, on the occasion of its invitation to Anne Roumanoff's program “It feels good”, this Tuesday.

The beard still "in Koh-Lanta mode" after his return from vacation, the star host of C8 Cyril Hanouna was this Tuesday, August 25 at the microphone of Anne Roumanoff, in the show  It feels good , to evoke his very rich TV comeback.

From August 31 at 5.45 p.m., the host will offer C8 viewers no less than 3.5 hours of live airtime. Always accompanied by handpicked columnists, Cyril Hanouna will begin prime-time access with the news and debates program  Balance ton post! , which this season becomes a daily show. Follow  not touch my  post!  for an eleventh season refocused on entertainment and media, before  To  take or leave . After a comeback in May and June, the famous box game once hosted by Arthur has indeed been perpetuated on the air.

Star columnists and promising new recruits

Cyril Hanouna returned to the surprises and novelties that await C8 viewers. Balance your post! will welcome new columnists including Rokhaya Diallo (journalist and anti-racist and feminist activist), Geoffroy Lejeune (journalist and editorial director of Valeurs Actuelles ) and Gaspard Gantzer (former candidate for municipal elections in Paris and head of communication for President François Hollande). We will find in the debate program personalities from the previous season, including Yann Moix, Karim Zéribi and Eric Naulleau. 

Hands off my  post! will welcome a star of confinement: Noam Cartozo. This Parisian was noticed by organizing every evening "Question for a balcony" for his confined neighbors of the 11th arrondissement. His dynamism caught the eye of Cyril Hanouna. Noam Cartozo will have for new colleagues the usual chroniclers of the show: Valérie Benaïm, Gilles Verdez or Isabelle Morini-Bosc ...

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"A revolutionary plateau"

Another novelty, technical this time, the set of  "Touche pas à mon poste!". Promised as a "revolutionary" innovation by Cyril Hanouna, it should allow viewers to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the subjects discussed between columnists. "I'm talking about Koh-Lanta, I snap my fingers and have all the decor of Koh-Lanta", explains the star of C8 to Anne Roumanoff. 

Very proud of this novelty made in Italy, Cyril Hanouna promises "10 minutes of presentation of the set" during the back-to-school program. Balance your post! , Hands off my post!  and To  take or leave  adapt also to the health context, with an audience filled to 50% and fitted with transparent masks. 

Cyril Hanouna, the real boss of C8?

With 3h30 of live broadcast each day, Cyril Hanouna reinforces his image as "true boss of the C8 channel". Asked about this by Anne Roumanoff, the facilitator prefers to speak of "collegial management". He reminds that no decision is taken without Frank Appietto (general manager of C8 and general manager of Canal + stream programs) and Gérald Brice-Viret (general manager of channels and programs of the Canal + group and director of Canal +).

Cyril Hanouna is in any case a team leader capable of delegating. The host "not afraid of burn-out" will indeed entrust the antenna to one of his columnists every Friday: Eric Naulleau for  Balance your post! , Benjamin Castaldi for  Touche pas à mon poste! and Valérie Bénaïm for  Take it or leave it .