Conflict and mutual claims Kawai Masaki Hosou and his wife Trial August 25, 10:00

[Issue 1...Purpose of providing cash]
A major issue in the court case is whether the purpose of providing cash was to have Senator Satoshi elected.
The Public Offices Election Law prohibits passing cash in order to collect candidates for the purpose of winning candidates, but for the purpose of expanding party power, donating to political organizations such as politicians as political activities is not allowed. It is recognized.
According to the people involved, former Minister Katsuyuki is accusing him of innocence, saying, "The cash was given out because of the visit to the unification local elections and the expansion of the party. It is not the purpose of requesting a summary of votes."
In addition, Representative Satoshi is also supposed to insist on acquittal, saying, "I generally accept that I have given out cash, but it is not the purpose of requesting a summary of votes."
On the other hand, the prosecution pointed out that cash was also provided to legislators who did not give a visit in the past in the unified local elections, and that the receiving party acknowledges the purpose of collecting votes, etc. Will prove to have proved that the purpose was to win the election.
The point is when the cash is distributed.
Last year, in March, a representative of Satoshi announced his candidacy for the House of Councilors election, followed by a unified local election in April and a House of Councilors election in July.
The prosecutor's office has prosecuted cash distribution from March last year when Senator Satoshi announced his candidacy to August immediately after the election.
On the other hand, the public office election law's takeover charges have been applied to many cash distributions during the election period and immediately before, and there are few cases where the takeover offenses are asked about the distribution three to four months ago. It has been with.
The court's judgment should pay attention to whether such a case is an acquisition.

[Issue 2... Sending off criminal penalties Illegal judicial transactions]
Another issue is that the prosecution has forgotten the criminal sanctions of all 100 people to whom cash is being offered.
The Public Offices Election Law stipulates that not only those who provided cash but also those who received it will be punished as "acquired", but the prosecution often receives unilateral cash from former Minister Katsuyuki. It seems that the criminal disposition was postponed in consideration of the above.
However, the prosecution OB and some experts have pointed out that it is out of balance compared to the processing of past acquisition cases, and the civic organization of Hiroshima City also said, "I also ask the criminal liability of the person who received the cash. Should be done", the policy is to criminalize all 100 people in Hiroshima District Prosecution soon.
Former Minister Katsuyuki has a policy of demanding a “dismissal of public prosecution” because it is suspected that an illegal judicial transaction in which a statement is made in return for promising indictment has been made and that the indictment itself is illegal.
Local lawmakers, who are alleged to have received cash in court, are expected to appear as witnesses one after another, and how the court will judge the effect of the postponement of criminal penalties on the credibility of the testimony will also be a focus.