It often occurs during sleep and sometimes during the day

Causes of bruxism ... stress and potential issues

The squeaking produces a disturbing sound and intense pain. D.A.

Teeth bruxism is one of the most annoying and dangerous dental problems, since it may cause serious damage to the teeth, up to fracture. There are many factors that increase the chances of bruxism, such as stress, smoking and some medications. In addition to casting, relaxation techniques play an important role in treating stridor.

The dentist, Professor, Ingrid Burroughs, explained that «teeth grinding means the process of clenching teeth or friction with each other strongly, which causes a disturbing sound and severe pain. In the long term, stridor may lead to headaches, tightening of the jaw, and tooth fracture.

Teeth gnawing often occurs during sleep, but there are people who suffer from this condition during the day while they are awake.

"The causes of teeth bruxism are not known precisely, but it is known that there are factors that enhance the chances of bruxism, which are: psychological tension, sleep disorders, genetic influences, drugs and some stimulating substances, such as nicotine, alcohol and other drugs," Pirouz added.

The phenomenon of bruxism also occurs in connection with sleep apnea and the associated heartburn.

"The troubles of bruxism can be relieved during sleep by means of a splint, whose mission is primarily to protect the teeth," Pirouz explained.

For his part, German physiotherapist Hans Otto Rolle pointed out that there is a theory in physiotherapy medicine that deformities in the pelvic area can lead to tightening up to the head area. So the cause of bruxism may be due to the tilted position of the pelvis, which should be taken into account as well.

Therapeutic techniques

"Relaxation techniques can help alleviate the troubles of bruxism, such as progressive muscle relaxation and self-stimulation exercise," said German psychologist Thomas Felker.

Gnashing of teeth means the process of clenching the teeth, or friction with each other severely.

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