North Pacific saury fishing first landing is only 1% compared to last year Not significant fishing? August 23, 17:28

On the afternoon of the 23rd, a medium-sized vessel of the saury's rod-net fishing, which was lifted this month, returned to the port in Akkeshi-cho, eastern Hokkaido, for the first landing.
However, there were many ships that could not get it at all, and the amount of saury caught was only about 1% compared to the first landing last year.

The barbecue net fishing for saury in the North Pacific has been banned sequentially since the 10th of this month, depending on the size of the boat, but small boats could not find a school of fish and there was no landing at all.

Against this backdrop, four of the medium-sized vessels that were caught on the 15th of this month returned to Akkeshi Port in Akkeshi Town on the afternoon of the 23rd, and one of these vessels landed the first saury from the high seas.

Only 4 out of the 12 ships that caught the saury were able to catch a total of 600 kilograms, which was only about 1% of the first landing in eastern Hokkaido last year.

According to the fishery cooperative, the average size is about 25 cm in length, and the weight is about 110 grams, which is smaller than last year.

Samma has been unfished for the past few years, and this year's landing is expected to fall even further than last year's lowest ever, and it is expected that the fishing will be extremely severe as never before.

The 39-year-old man, the chief fisherman, said, "It was more difficult than I had imagined because there were no swarms of saury. It is very disappointing, but I hope for the future."

It means that the landed saury can be auctioned at the market in Akkeshi on the morning of the 24th.