Saitama Kawaguchi Junior High School teacher arrested and prosecuted 21:40 on August 21 for guilty of using stimulants

It was discovered that a teacher at a junior high school in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, had been arrested and prosecuted for using a stimulant.

The arrest and prosecution was Shunsuke Takase (40), a teacher at Kawaguchi City Anko Junior High School.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Dr. Takase was arrested after 3:00 pm on the 8th of this month at Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, after receiving a police task question, and a urine test showing a positive stimulant reaction.

The Metropolitan Police Department searched for a home in Tokyo and found powders and syringes that seemed to be stimulants.

After the arrest, he was charged with violating the Stimulants Control Law because he stated that he had been using it for some time.

According to Kawaguchi City, teacher Takase has been in charge of the first grade since April, and there was no particular problem with work attitude.

The school held an extraordinary parents' association on the 21st to explain the circumstances to the parents, and Shuhei Moro, the superintendent of education of the Kawaguchi City Board of Education, said, "Education to instruct students and put trust first. It is a great regret that the person was arrested, and we deeply apologize to all the citizens, including students and parents."