Learning from others can make us stronger; learning from the strengths of others can make us better and better. But please note that there is absolutely no equal sign or equal sign between learning, borrowing and blindly imitating plagiarism. It is like not knowing the darkness of night during the day, and like the flying birds in the sky and the sea turtles swimming in the water.

  Learning and borrowing is the ability of teachers to improve their skills. You can achieve 70 points. After learning and borrowing, I will strive for 85, 90 or even 100 points. Plagiarism and imitation are not the case. You have 80 points. I am complacent if I score 60, 50 or even 40 points.

  Below, let’s talk about those behaviors that are “imitation plagiarism” under the banner of “learning for reference”. Do you think it is so reasonable?↓↓↓

  Why can human beings reach the top of the biological chain? I am afraid that the brain is indispensable!

  Having your own thoughts, your own creativity, your own ideas, is worthy of it! Plagiarism and imitating others are of course simple, but the end result may be to become lazier and lose the ability to think and innovate. What a terrible thing would that be? Being lazy, people will get sick! The brain is lazy, and the mind is also sick!

Why do humans have brains? Because you need to think for yourself!

Author: Ni Wen Bing Wang Kai