A few days after the lawsuit filed by Saad al-Jabri, an advisor to the former Saudi crown prince, Muhammad bin Nayef, the Washington Federal Court issued judicial summonses against Muhammad bin Salman and 13 others, to respond to al-Jabri's accusations against them of trying to assassinate him, and the court requested a response within a maximum period of 21 days.

It is expected that the pressure on the Saudi authorities will increase if the lawsuit enters into lengthy legal procedures, which may continue until after the US presidential elections in November.

The head of the Islamic Reform Movement, Saad al-Faqih, said that accepting the case against Mohammed bin Salman in Washington is the most important stage, because it means the existence of a judicial jurisdiction, and that the accused does not have immunity.

Al-Faqih added that if Al-Jabri presents evidence to the court that he has been subjected to an assassination attempt, the case will turn from a civil case to a criminal case, and in this case many files will be opened, and no one will be able to stop the judiciary because it is not subject to the politicians.

Al-Faqih indicated that if the Saudi crown prince is able to immunize himself, he will not be able to immunize the rest of the 13 accused, noting that this case coincides with the case of spying on Twitter by close to Mohammed bin Salman, in addition to the Khashoggi case, all of which are factors affecting On the judge to make his decision.

For his part, Douglas London, the former chief operations officer in the CIA, said that Saad al-Jabri was a reliable official for the United States and Western countries in general, with regard to combating terrorism.

Douglas London ruled out that the Saudi crown prince would be stopped if he traveled to the United States, as he uses a diplomatic passport and a diplomatic visa that gives him immunity, considering that Saad Al-Jabri aims to press this case on Mohammed bin Salman to release the detainees from his family in Saudi Arabia.

But the head of the National Interest Foundation in Washington, Khaled Saffouri, believed that the current administration in the US State Department might leave within months in the event that US President Donald Trump, who maintains a special relationship with the Saudi crown prince, is not re-elected, indicating that if the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is elected It would not provide such protection to Mohammed bin Salman.

Saffouri indicated that there are efforts in the US Senate to lift the immunity of any person accused of murder, specifically those related to human rights and the killing of journalists.

Saffouri added that officials who act with medieval mentalities by carrying out assassinations should stop that, because the world is changing and no one can hide these actions from public opinion, noting that it was the US security services that warned Canada of the attempted assassination of Jabri.

America or Canada?

The head of the Islamic Reform Movement, Saad al-Faqih, reaffirmed that Saad al-Jabri is walking in a completely different path from that of Muhammad bin Salman, who described him as “a child who does not understand law or politics, and who is immature and depends on people of the same mental level as Saud Al-Qahtani and Turki Al Sheikh ".

Al-Faqih added that part of what he described as Mohammed bin Salman's crimes against Saad al-Jabri was committed in the United States, which gives the American judiciary jurisdiction to hear this case.

Al-Faqih emphasized that Al-Jabri - by filing the case in Washington - was able to confuse Trump and paralyze his ability to defend Mohammed bin Salman, because he is forced to distance himself from him, and Trump fears that Al-Jabri has evidence of his financial ties to Bin Salman.

Douglas London considered that Saad al-Jabri's filing of his lawsuit in Washington - and not in Canada - was an indication of his intelligence, because he thus plays on the chord of US-Saudi relations to put pressure on the Saudi crown prince.

Saffouri indicated that the case may take years before the US judiciary, especially with witnesses being summoned and evidence examined, stressing that this is not in the interest of Mohammed bin Salman, especially if Trump leaves the White House.

In the end, Douglas London considered that the importance of the case does not stem from the final ruling in it, but rather from the constant pressure that al-Jabri put on bin Salman, who is anxious about the information in the first's possession.

Saffouri said that if a new administration arrives at the White House, all scenarios will be unfavorable to Mohammed bin Salman.

Al-Faqih affirmed that Al-Jabri's biggest success so far is stripping Mohammed bin Salman from seeking refuge with Trump and encouraging the Saudi ruling family to act against bin Salman, and finally, the matter will not be limited to this case, referring to other lawsuits that will be filed against bin Salman.