Overloading, drunk driving in slippers... The man’s driver’s license was deducted 29 points and a fine of 2,800 yuan

  China News Service, Kunming, August 20th (Miao Chao) Inconsistent driving, overloading, drunk driving, driving in slippers... The reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Qujing City, Yunnan Province on the 20th that a man in Luoping County of the city recently committed the above traffic violation. , Not only was fined 2,800 yuan, the driver’s license was also deducted 29 points.

  On the evening of August 11, the police from the traffic police squadron of the Agang Police Station of the Luoping County Public Security Bureau carried out a night inspection on the Hongliang Road section of the Meixiao Line in the area under its jurisdiction. At about 9 o'clock, the police inspected a small white ordinary passenger car according to law and asked the driver to When showing the relevant documents, the driver Yang's words flickered and he could not provide valid documents.

  The police found on the Internet that Yang only had an "E" category motor vehicle driver's license, which was not allowed to drive, and the small ordinary passenger car he was driving was overloaded by one person! At the same time, the police smelled a strong smell of alcohol from Yang, and immediately used an alcohol detector to test the result. The test result was 53mg/100ml, suspected of driving a motor vehicle after drinking. The police further investigated and found that Yang was driving in slippers. The police temporarily detained small ordinary buses according to law and told Yang to bring relevant documents to the traffic police squadron of Agang Police Station within 15 days for processing.

  On August 18, Yang came to the Agang police station and truthfully stated four illegal acts of driving inconsistencies, driving a motor vehicle after drinking, overcrowding vehicles, and driving in slippers. The police fined Yang 2,800 yuan in accordance with the law. Yang’s driver’s license was scored 12 points for driving inconsistent, 12 points for driving a motor vehicle after drinking, 3 points for overtaking a vehicle, and 2 points for driving in slippers. A total of 29 points was recorded. An administrative penalty of 6 months withholding a driver’s license. (Finish)