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The infections continue to skyrocket. The updated report of the Ministry of Health published this Thursday registers 7,039 new confirmed cases, which add up to a total of 377,906 since the start of the pandemic. This data is 368 more positive than on Wednesday, when 6,671 was reported.

It should be remembered that the 7,039 is the figure that includes those infected people who underwent the PCR test in previous days, but whose diagnosis of Covid-19 was not confirmed until yesterday. Of these, 3,349 are those who underwent the test and knew their positive result during the last day (on Tuesday there were 3,715).

A third of the 3,349 correspond to Madrid (1,020); followed by the Basque Country (547); Aragon (352) and Andalusia (302).

After the registered deaths soared in one day (127 were notified yesterday), Health has added 16 new deaths since yesterday, a figure similar to those registered days before. Thus, there are already 28,813 people who have lost their lives due to the virus in our country, although this data does not include deaths in residences and those with symptoms compatible with the virus, but who did not undergo a PCR test. With death date in the last week, 122 deaths have been registered.

Of these, 46 correspond to Aragon; 37 to Madrid; and Catalonia 10. For its part, Andalusia reports nine; Castilla y León out of five; Valencia four; Canarias and Murcia of two; and the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Extremadura and La Rioja, one. The rest of the Communities have not registered any deaths.

The hospitalized people also continue to grow. Specifically, the official report reports 1,407 admissions in the last week, 71 more than on Wednesday. Madrid continues to lead in the number of hospitalizations (364); followed by Aragon (212) and Andalusia (179). Likewise, 90 patients have entered the ICU during the same period of time and 18 in the last hours, so that there are already 12,045 patients who have entered this hospital unit because of the virus. In the last 24 hours, there have been 758 covid admissions and another 468 have been discharged.


"Unfortunately, in Spain there have not been many changes. We continue to rise," Fernando Simón, director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies , said today when assessing the worrying evolution of the pandemic.

"Things are not going well, that we detect a lot does not imply that there is no transmission. Every day we have more," the epidemiologist has acknowledged, blaming these high figures in part for the great effort to detect cases: "We are detecting, I am not saying that All cases, but many of them. We are doing many PCR in areas where we know there are symptoms of transmission, we do them well directed and we do not look for them where the probability of infection is practically nil ", said Simón.

The mean age for women is 39 years and for men 37 years. If we look at the last 15 days, it dropped to 35 years, while two or three months ago the average age was 53 and more than 60 during the peak of the pandemic.

"Hospitalization rates are below 4% and fatality has been decreasing because we are detecting a large part of the asymptomatic."


Simón has preferred to focus his press conference on raising awareness among the population rather than on the figures, which he has recognized are not good. "We must not criminalize anyone but we must go a step further. We cannot allow this to escape us again. We have to start taking it again very very seriously."

"If we continue to let the transmission, we will continue to have many admitted and many deceased. We cannot let this continue. We have to be very aware. It is not worth saying that I am young, because we know that each young person ends up generating cases in their family or in people. vulnerable, "said Simon.

According to the epidemiologist "a lot of work has been done to stop the outbreaks linked to temporary workers and it has been achieved that they are no longer the problem that they became a few weeks ago. They will continue to exist but the number of cases associated with these outbreaks has been reduced."

The next problem was nightlife: "I understand that people want to party but there are ways and means to party. All those of us who have any possibility of influencing the population, I think we must make people aware of what is out there. What to do. I know what an influencer is and there are many in Spain, with a very high visibility that can help control the epidemic. "

"We have to learn to live with the virus safely until we have a vaccine, but it gives me the feeling that the messages that I have given so far for weeks may not have been strong enough. We have to do better and we all have to help. The administrations have to do a lot, there is room for improvement, of course, but this is not just a matter for the administrations, "he said.

At the European level, Spain remains the second European country with the most infections since the start of the pandemic (377,906), only behind Russia (937,321). Likewise, the United Kingdom and Italy follow, with 321,098 and 255,278, respectively. The country with the highest number of deaths continues to be the United Kingdom (41,397), followed by Italy (35,412) and France (30,468).

In addition, Spain continues to lead the large European countries with the highest accumulated incidence (AI) of the virus, with 142 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. This is twice that of the second country with the most AI: Romania, with 73.3. It is followed by Belgium (67.6); and Ukraine (46.7).

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