Chinanews client, Beijing, August 19 (Ren Siyu) According to the media’s confirmation from actor Liang Tian, ​​the film actor and former teacher of Beijing Film Academy, Mr. Xie Yuan, suffered a heart attack on August 18, 2020 and was rescued by various sources. Invalid, unfortunately passed away, at the age of 61.

  In accordance with Xie Yuan's request, there is no mourning hall at home, no farewell ceremony and memorial service for the remains, and no memorial service of any kind.

  Xie Yuan was born in Beijing in 1959. In 1981, he starred in the film "Recruit Ma Qiang" and made his debut. His representative works include "Kid King", "Chess King", "Big Breath", "Widow Village", "Crazy Price", "Shanghai Family", and "Innately Timid "Etc., has won many performance awards such as the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, the Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award, the Chinese TV Drama Golden Eagle Award, and the Feitian Award.

  Friends Ge You, Liang Tian, ​​actors Liu Xiaoqing, Zhang Jingchu, Sun Qian, Zuo Xiaoqing, Xing Jiadong, and Guan Ling sent messages to mourn.

When he graduated, he was evaluated by the teacher as "no acting skills"

  Xie Yuan was born in Beijing on June 17, 1959. In 1978, Xie Yuan was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. At that time, he had no idea about film and art. In the past, he would play a few musical instruments when he was in the publicity team, and the teacher in the film academy inspired Xie Yuan. He learned all the accents of leaders who could learn.

  In the "78-level performance department", he was in the same class as Zhang Tielin, Zhang Fengyi, Fang Shu, Shen Danping and other famous actors. When he graduated, the teacher gave Xie Yuan an eight-character evaluation, "the image is average, without acting skills", which impressed him deeply.

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  "There are so many classmates in the class who have better images than me, Zhou Lijing and Zhang Fengyi. I can only play traitors. But through learning, I realized that the little people have big destiny, and the actors who show people in comedic images love the people in their bones. So although I Some of the scenes I performed were attacked by my classmates saying'self-consciousness', but I have firm beliefs and correct values."

  In 1981, Xie Yuan appeared in the film "Recruit Ma Qiang" directed by director Yu Qing. Later, he played the nickname "Chess Nerd" in the film "Chess King" directed by Teng Wenji.

  In real life, Xie Yuan is also a super fan of chess. The famous chess player Chang Hao Jiudan once awarded him a 4-dan certificate for amateur Go. "I have known Mr. Xie Yuan for many years. He has always liked to play chess. He has a good level and is very enthusiastic about Go. The award of the rank certificate this time is also an encouragement to him."

  The role in "Chess King" brought Xie Yuan the trophy for the Best Actor Award at the Ninth Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards.

  Although he was evaluated as “no acting skills” when he graduated, Xie Yuan, who was young, has won many top awards in the film and television industry, such as “Golden Rooster”, “Golden Eagle”, “Flying”, and “Hundred Flowers” ​​for his outstanding works:

  In 1991, he won the Golden Phoenix Award of the 3rd China Film Performing Arts Society for "The Price of Crazy"; in 1992, he won the Best Supporting Actor Award of the 10th China TV Golden Eagle Award for "A Family in Shanghai" and the 12th Chinese TV Drama Fei Tian Best Supporting Actor Award; In 1995, he won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 18th Hundred Flowers Awards for Popular Films for "Innately Cowardly".

Xie Yuan. Source: Screenshot of the movie "Born to Be Coward".

  Xie Yuan once said, "I may never meet an excellent director like Chen Kaige again in my life." Speaking of the films he made in those years, he has deep feelings for "Kid King" directed by Chen Kaige:

  "I was very fortunate to have made the purest movie "King of the Children", although I also made a lot of bad movies later. But an actor like me had such a pure film, "King of the Kids" is very affectionate. And profound.

  This is a film by the author, without any other attempts, not for consumers or for business. Even the filming requirements of the film can be discarded, and our expression does not need any restriction. We only need unlimited loyalty, which is pure core and support.

  Back then, our sincerity hurts as soon as it hits. The eyes of me, director Chen Kaige and photographer Gu Changwei are pure, without any distracting thoughts. Later, I went back to the filming location alone, sitting in that corner of Yunnan, when the caravan's bell rang, and my life was frozen in that moment. But now no matter how we acupuncture and moxibustion, we can't touch that point. "

"Kid King" poster.

Stay in school to teach

  Aside from the actor's identity, Xie Yuan's other well-known identity is a teacher. After graduating from Beijing Film Academy, Xie Yuan stayed on as a teacher.

  He said that he was actually "forced" to stay in school: "I was assigned to the Bayi Film Studio, but my eyes were short-sighted. People didn't want me, so I was returned to the college. I especially wanted to put on that uniform. , I feel very uncomfortable. In fact, staying in school is forced, but it's good."

  During his tenure at the Beijing Film Academy, Xie Yuan brought out well-known actors such as Zuo Xiaoqing and Xing Jiadong. After Xie Yuan's death, his students also sent messages to mourn:

  Zuo Xiaoqing said, "Teacher Xie is very knowledgeable and kind, and brings a lot of happiness to everyone in the crew. The way he gave us in class is still fresh in our memory. Alas, God is jealous of talents, helpless! We wish Teacher Xie Yuan to be here. Heaven is as happy as ever."

  Xing Jiadong said, “The mentor Xie Yuan suddenly passed away, shock and sorrow are like a huge wave. Although he knows the impermanence of life, he still hopes that interesting people, upright people, will stay in the world, otherwise the world is so lonely and absurd... …May my teacher continue to take his film class in heaven, continue to laugh and talk about illusions in the world, and reveal the true nature of life...Student Jiadong weep."

  Xie Yuan, a teacher of the acting department, once wrote articles about his views on acting. During his many years as a teacher, the media asked him whether he still has the idea of ​​returning to the screen. He said:

  "This dream has always been there, but we have been studying films at the Beijing Film Academy for many years. We know what film is too much. So today we have a lot of works in the past, many works in reality, and even some works that will appear in the future. It’s very unsatisfactory to say. Because we have studied too much, we have a history of more than a hundred years since the Lumière brothers invented movies. We have watched too many movies. There are so many well-developed movies in China, so it’s hard to say that there is a very satisfactory movie script that you can just grab one and shoot it casually."

  In recent years, Xie Yuan, who has come back to the screen, has played roles in many film and television dramas such as "Appreciation of Ink and Porcelain in the Central Bureau of Antique Bureau", "Chen Xi Yuan", "The World Without Fraud" and "Red".

"The Three Musketeers of Comedy"

  Xie Yuan in life advocates a simple and simple life. It has been witnessed that after becoming famous, Xie Yuan often squatted on the ground in Beijing’s night market and ate stew.

  He said: "As a product in the 1950s, we must be very authentic, natural, and willing to be grounded. We can eat wherever we go, and we should wear casual clothes. , Especially the inner world cannot be separated from the common people."

  At the end of May this year, Guan Ling also shared a video of Xie Yuan, Liang Tian and others singing "The Prayer of the Heart" when they were together. The old artists sang it very happily together. Guan Ling wrote "Watching the men's group concert, the old boys are too involved! #我爱我家 is family together today".

  Xie Yuan, Ge You and Liang Tian have been friends for many years, and they have worked together on many film and television works. They are also known as the "Three Musketeers of Comedy" in Mainland China.

  In the 1990s, the three co-founded Beijing Holaix Film and Television Development Co., Ltd. In recent interviews, Xie Yuan also mentioned the past of the three people joking with each other many times. Xie Yuan once said that he often interacted with Ge You and Liang. We chatted and drank together every day. As each was very busy, we were anxious to talk when we got together. "But Mr. Xie didn’t talk about it. I felt that what I was talking about was trivial. To make notes, I just stop, don’t don’t, forget it".

Source: Video screenshot.

Source: Video screenshot.

  After Xie Yuan's death, Ge You said: "The audience will always remember Xie Yuan's efforts and contributions to Chinese films and TV series."

  Liang Tian said, "All the people in the industry who have worked with Xie Yuan will miss the happiness and touch he once brought us. May his soul face the sea and spring flowers... From then on heaven will no longer be lonely." (Finish)