China News Agency, Beijing, August 19 (Reporter Gao Kai) On August 19, according to actor Liang Tian, ​​film actor Xie Yuan died of a heart attack on the 18th at the age of 61.

  Xie Yuan, who can hardly be called a "big red and big purple", is a truly capable actor. The golden rooster, golden eagle, flying sky, and Baihua "four-material actor" starred in many works in the 1980s and 1990s, and created many roles. The Chinese film galaxy has a light that is worth remembering.

  In 1981, Xie Yuan appeared in the film "Rookie Ma Qiang" for the first time on the big screen, and its authentic, simple and thick performance style began to appear.

  Xie Yuan's most important big-screen role was born in the 1980s. He successively filmed the representative works of the fifth generation of Chinese directors "Kid King" and "Chess King".

  "King of the Kid" is an important work of the famous director Chen Kaige. Its narrative quality is highly respected in the industry. Xie Yuan plays the leading role in it, and the village teacher "old pole". Xie Yuan devoted a lot of effort to this complex and quite tense role. Later, "The King of Kids" was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 1988 Cannes International Film Festival. This film was hailed as Chen Kaige’s dedication of the best time, Gu Changwei’s dedication of the best photography, and Xie Yuan’s show of the most in-depth and authentic performance. .

  In "The King of Chess" directed by Teng Wenji, Xie Yuan won the Best Actor Award at the Ninth Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award for his vivid interpretation of "Chess Nerd".

  Since then, Xie Yuan has collaborated with her close friends Ge You and Liang Tian, ​​who are also actors, in a number of comedy-type film and television works, and won the audience's love with her humorous performances.

  In 1992, Xie Yuan won the 10th China TV Golden Eagle Award for Best Supporting Actor and the 12th China TV Drama Feitian Award for Best Supporting Actor for his exquisite acting in "A Family in Shanghai". Born to be timid" won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 18th Popular Film Hundred Flowers Awards.

  So far, the actor who is not in the audience's impression is already the "four-material actor" among the golden rooster, golden eagle, flying sky, and Baihua.

  Since the beginning of the new century, Xie Yuan has still been active on large and small screens, mostly performing supporting roles.

  Xie Yuan’s sudden death made people feel surprised and reluctant, and many people in the entertainment industry have sent articles to mourn.

  Ge You said: "The audience will always remember Xie Yuan's efforts and contributions to Chinese films and TV series."

  Liang Tian said: "All the people in the industry who have worked with Xie Yuan will miss the happiness and touch he once brought us. May his soul face the sea and the spring flowers...Heaven will no longer be lonely."

  The famous film critic and screenwriter Shi Hang posted a long post on social media saying that he (Xie Yuan) is "a really interesting man with great talent", "(Xie Yuan in "Kid King") He is at a loss, The load-bearing wall of the film does not compromise the meaning of the original work. (Finish)