On Tuesday, two and a half days after posting a tweet pinned for homophobia, sports betting site Winamax removed the tweet in a post halfway between heartfelt apology and irony.

"We take Europe we fuck two". Provocative, sharp and deemed homophobic, the message tweeted on Sunday by the sports betting site Winamax to celebrate the qualification for the semi-finals of the Champions League of two French clubs immediately sparked an uproar. Tuesday, two and a half days after the publication of said tweet, Winamax decided to delete it by posting an ambiguous message, between sincere apologies and irony.

We immediately delete our "shocking", "abject" and unbearable tweet. https://t.co/WjFVns1sjm

- Winamax Sport (@WinamaxSport) August 18, 2020

The words in quotes are those of LREM deputy Olga Givernet, whose press release addressed to Jean Castex is also published by Winamax. Indeed, the MP directly addressed Prime Minister Jean Castex on Monday to ask him to take action following the homophobic tweet. As a reminder, the latter echoed the words of a song by the rap group PNL. Musical reference or not, the tweet provoked many reactions, right up to the top of the state. "Hateful and homophobic remarks must be banned from social networks!" declared Elisabeth Moreno, Minister for Gender Equality.

"An insult that is both homophobic and sexist"

"It's homophobic because we try to demean the other by associating him with homosexuality, and by sending him back to a supposed passivity. The motherfucker bears socially the marks of inferiority, which are socially characteristic associated with women. It is in this sense an insult both homophobic and sexist ", explained in 2019 Veronica Noseda, general secretary of the Dégommeuses, an association which promotes equality in football, to the Huffington Post.

For the new Minister of Citizenship Marlène Schiappa, "we can content ourselves with repeating what we have always heard" or "we can reflect on the scope of our public statements".

We can, of course, just repeat what we have always heard.
We can also reflect on the scope of our public statements.
For example by reading this article "We explain to you why 'motherfucker' is a homophobic insult. »Https://t.co/i23pSw0Zf8https://t.co/hxEdXiF3Rj

- MarleneSchiappa (@MarleneSchiappa) August 16, 2020